Watch Lana Del Rey Go Old-School Hollywood in “Music To Watch Boys To” Video

Months after the music video for “Music to Watch Boys To” was reportedly filmed, Lana Del Rey has finally released the music video. The almost five minute-long video features Del Rey primarily lounging on a chaise in a backyard between two gramophones. The old-school, black-and-white plays out for most of the video with the exception being when we see Del Rey underwater with her friends (and during that quick shot of the flamingo running).

For a song with a titled like “Music to Watch Boys To,” we do get to see Del Rey sitting around and watching a two-on-two pick up game of basketball happen. See, this really is music to watch boys to. Check out the music video for “Music to Watch Boys To” below.

“Music to Watch Boys To” joins “High By the Beach,” “Honeymoon,” “Terrence Loves You,” and “Salvatore” on Del Rey’s recently released album, Honeymoon. Honeymoon was released a couple of weeks ago through Polydor/Interscope Records.

Stream Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’


Months of teasing and releasing new songs has now come to an end for Lana Del Rey because the songstress’ new album has officially been released. Honeymoon, Del Rey’s fourth studio album, was announced last year while last month she confirmed it would have a release date of September. The confirmation on Instagram came after months of silence from her end.

Now, for those who aren’t anywhere near their copy of the album, the complete record is streaming exclusively on Spotify.You can listen to Honeymoon in full below which features all of the previously released tracks such as “High By the Beach,” “Honeymoon,” “Terrence Loves You,” “Music to Watch Boys To,” and “Salvatore.” In addition to the previously released track, the album also features a cover of Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

Honeymoon is the highly anticipated follow-up to Del Rey’s 2014 album, Ultraviolence.

Lana Del Rey Goes ‘Old-School Italian’ with “Salvatore”

With just a handful of days until the release of Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey is streaming another new song from the upcoming record. The new song is titled “Salvatore” and finds the songstress even singing a couple of lines in Italian. The track made its official debut Tuesday (Sept. 15) afternoon on Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio 1 show.

In the interview that followed the song’s debut, Del Rey revealed that the track is the most different song on the album since it gives an “old school Italian feel.” Stephens’ proceeds to describe the song “as filmic” which Del Rey agreed with. Then, Stephens’ asked her if she had done any soundtrack work before. As any Del Rey fans can tell you, the answer to that question is yes. In 2014 she covered the Sleeping Beauty song, “Once Upon A Dream” for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent and in the same year, she contributed two songs (“Big Eyes” and “I Can Fly”) to Tim Burton’s film, Big Eyes.

Listen to the new song here which is then followed by the interview with Del Rey.

“Salvatore” will join “High by the Beach,” “Honeymoon,” “Music to Watch Boys To,” and “Terrence Loves You” on Honeymoon which is set to be released this Friday, Sept. 18 through Polydor/Interscope Records.

Listen to Lana Del Rey’s “Music to Watch Boys To”

A day after releasing a three and a half-minute sampler of four songs to be featured on her upcoming new album, Lana Del Rey has now gifted her fans with the complete audio of one of the tracks. The newly released song is “Music to Watch Boys To” which was believed to be the lead single off of Del Rey’s highly anticipated new record back in March when images surfaced of the songstress filming the music video for it. As we all know, the track did not become the lead single with the honor being given to “High By the Beach.”

“Music to Watch Boys To” made its worldwide debut earlier today  (Sept. 9) on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show. According to Del Rey, the track is one of her favorites off of the impending record, alongside “Terrence Loves You.” Like many fans speculated, Del Rey admits that the song was on track to become the lead single, but in the end did not get chosen.

Listen to “Music to Watch Boys To” here and check out the song’s album art below.


Del Rey’s new album, Honeymoon is set to be released next Friday, Sept. 18 through Polydor/Interscope Records. According to a post on Twitter, those who pre-order the album now on iTunes will get the album a week before its scheduled release date.

Kind of cool if it ends up being true.

Lana Del Rey Drops ‘Honeymoon’ Sampler

With a couple of weeks left before the release of her highly anticipated new album, Lana Del Rey has returned to give fans a teaser for what to expect from her fourth studio album.

Early Tuesday morning (Sept. 8), snippets of two new songs were released onto the internet. The first track was “Music to Watch Boys To,” the track that was rumored to be the lead single from the record, as well as “Freak.” Instead of letting those who leaked the snippets get away with it, Del Rey went ahead and released a sampler for the new record online. The Honeymoon sampler, very much like the title implies, features short clips of the songs featured on Honeymoon including the record’s singles “High By the Beach,” “Terrence Loves You,” and title track, “Honeymoon.”  Listen to the complete sampler below.

Honeymoon is set to be released on Sept. 18 through Polydor/Interscope Records. Pre-orders for the album are still ongoing and for those who pre-order it, they will receive an instant download of “High By the Beach” and “Terrence Loves You.”

New Lana Del Rey Tracks Hit the Web

Good news if you are a Lana Del Rey fan; two new tracks featuring the songstress has been unleashed on the internet. The first of two tracks is another new song which will be featured on her highly anticipated new album, Honeymoon. The new Honeymoon track is titled “Terrence Loves You” and can be streamed below.

The second track to be “released” is not exactly a Lana Del Rey track, per se, but rather a song from The Weeknd which happens to feature Del Rey. The song is titled “Prisoner” and instead of being released on the internet by either of the musicians featured on the song, the track was actually leaked. Earlier this morning, it was reported that it could be found by simply searching for it on the web, but the audio that was featured on a Tumblr post has been taken down. We anticipate that the real track will be release soon.

“Prisoner” will be featured on The Weeknd’s recently announced new album, Beauty Behind the Madness set to be released next Friday, Aug. 28.

As for Del Rey’s new album, Honeymoon’s release date was confirmed last week, when the songstress took to Instagram to reveal it. The impending new record is set to be released on Sept. 18. For those who pre-order the new album, they will receive an instant download of both “High By the Beach” and “Terrence Loves You.”

Lana Del Rey Gets Followed by Paparazzi in “High By the Beach”


Well, a day after the release of the “High By the Beach” music video, Lana Del Rey has officially announced the release date for Honeymoon. Check out the songstress’ post on Instagram below.

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September 18th.

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Several days after the audio for “High By the Beach” was released, Lana Del Rey has returned with the official music video for the new track.

The music video finds Del Rey trying to relax on the balcony of a somewhat run-down house “by the beach” when all of a sudden, a helicopter appears out of nowhere. Knowing what their game is, the songstresses heads back into the house and stays in the bedroom hoping it would leave. Thinking they’re gone, she heads to the kitchen and begins to read a gossip magazine, when the helicopter decides to reappear near the kitchen window.

Having enough of it all, she runs to the beach and starts searching for something among all the rocks. She soon leaves the area carrying a guitar case which lets just say, does not contain a guitar. Watch the music video for “High By the Beach” below.

“High By the Beach” is the second single off of Del Rey’s highly anticipated new album, Honeymoon.

Lana Del Rey Gets “High By the Beach”

Lana Del Rey has returned with another new song from her highly anticipated new album, Honeymoon.

After hinting last week that a new song would be released within the next couple of days, the songstress has unleashed the second single from the impending new album; a track titled “High By the Beach.”

Originally set to premiere today (Aug. 10), the song was sadly leaked this past weekend, showcasing just how badly Del Rey’s fans want the new record to hit stores.

Listen to “High By the Beach” below and try not to get the feeling that you should pack a bag and head to the beach and of course get high.

“High By the Beach” is the second single from Honeymoon. Lead single and title track “Honeymoon” was released at the beginning of July.

Back in March, there was speculation that Del Rey would be releasing another track as the primary single from her fourth studio album. Instead of “Music to Watch Boys To”, which reportedly was getting a music video to accompany its release, the title track was chosen in its place.

As of now, there has been no word on when Honeymoon is set to be released. Last year when news surfaced that Del Rey was working on another new album, it was speculated that it would be released in 2015. Now that the year is a little over halfway done, it appears that it might be an early 2016 release, unless Del Rey decides to drop the album without anyone’s knowledge which is also cool.

Honeymoon is the follow-up to 2014’s Ultraviolence.

Lana Del Rey Sends Us on a Haunting “Honeymoon” with New Song

It feels like Lana Del Rey has been teasing her brand new song forever at this point, but after months of dropping hints about a new song titled “Honeymoon,” the songstress has finally given fans what they have been waiting patiently for; the song.

“Honeymoon” is the title track off of Del Rey’s new album which is set to be released sometime in the Fall. Last month, there was speculation that the first single off of the impending record would be titled “Music to Watch Boys To,” but it looks like maybe it will be the first official music video from the new album.

In true Lana style, the song gives you chills up and down your spine as she sings the lyrics (which are posted in the video) in the haunting manner that she has perfected.

Listen to “Honeymoon” below.

At the current moment, there seems to be no official word on when Del Rey’s new album will be released. One thing is for sure, it looks like she’ll be taking a little bit of time off after her massively successful “The Endless Summer” tour which wrapped up back in June in West Palm Beach.

Del Rey’s last album was 2014’s Ultraviolence.