Taylor Swift Being Sued

Taylor Swift

“America’s Sweetheart” is in a little bit of legal trouble. Taylor Swift is being sued for a concert that never happened, but still managed to get paid for. Last August, Swift was paid $2.5 million dollars to headline a huge country music concert called “Capital Hoedown” in Ottawa, but due to some problems within the camp of the promoters, they decided to just forgo the complete concert and cancel it.

A lawsuit was filed in New York federal court on behalf of the ticket company that had to refund around $1.8 million dollars to paying fans. They believe that Swift should have to pay back all the money since she received her payment in full, up front and did not do anything.

Swift’s rep says that there was never a binding contract with the ticket company, so there really isn’t a reason why she should fork over the money to pay for the mishap that transpired.