Paramore Cancel Two Tour Dates Due to Illness


For fans of Paramoe who were looking forward to seeing the Nashville-based band on their co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy this summer, it looks like they’ve had to bow out for a couple of stops.

The band was forced to cancel two Texas stops on the “Monumentour,” one in Corpus Christi and the other in Dallas due to frontwoman Hayley Williams falling ill with a chest infection and exhaustion.

As of now, it looks like their show tomorrow (August 7) in Albuquerque is still on, but with illnesses that bad especially for the voice of the band, fans should keep an eye out for updates from the band about that.

Check out a message from Williams, explaining the decision to pull out of the two stops.

“Writing from my bunk to let you know that my doctor and my vocal coach have told me I can’t play tonight either. I have a chest infection and … Something called “exhaustion”. Ha. 

Words in this tiny little message cannot begin to express my frustration, sadness, and overall loopiness (the latter is likely just from the cortisone and antibiotics…ugh.) 

Corpus Christi, you’ve been on my mind since I woke up this afternoon and Dallas, you’ll be on my mind the rest of the night. I absolutely hate canceling anything. Admitting defeat is a tough thing for this gal. 

Anyway. Thanks for understanding as much as you can. Of course any frustration on your part is totally understandable. I’m thankful for all the get well soon’s and all the love I’ve seen online. Big special thanks for FOB camp as well for helping by extending their set last night. We absolutely love being out here with those guys and their crew.

As for the rest of the tour. It is still on. Doctor thinks I’ll be good to go in the next day and certainly before the next show. 

Texas, the guys and I will be back to you as soon as we can.

Pray for me if you pray. Fist bump me if you don’t. 


Jared Leto Covers “Stay the Night”


Jared Leto is by far one of the most talented people out there being able to do almost everything, and do it particularly well. Acting, music, humanitarian, we’re almost blushing at how much we sound like fan-girls writing this. (He’s also really pretty and has great hair.)

Today, video surfaced of the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman covering Zedd’s song “Stay the Night.” The video features Leto performing a piano-led rendition of the Top 100 radio hit.

The stripped down version of the song is a complete departure from the original as it does not have any of that electronic dance music, over-produced sound and of course there is that little issue of Leto singing the lyrics rather than Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams.

Give the cover of the song a listen and let us know which version of the song you like best: the original or the cover?

Stream Zedd’s New Song with Hayley Williams


We’re pretty sure that if you were to rewind time and tell Hayley Williams ten years ago that she would be contributing vocals to one of EDM’s rising star’s new song, who know what the response would be; maybe she would laugh in our face and go back to coloring her hair with orange highlighters.

Well, times have definitely changed for the frontwoman because this wouldn’t even be the first time she has lent her vocals to someone out of her music realm. After a week of dropping hints about his new song, the Russian born DJ finally released his song featuring Williams titled, “Stay the Night.”

“We had the topline written and we needed a singer, and we were kind of brainstorming on who would be a good fit; at first we thought it might be better to have a male singer,” Zedd told MTV News. “But then, since I know Hayley’s voice, we had the idea to use her for the track … I kind of think it’s more sexy and interesting with her singing it.”

In that same interview, the DJ admitted that he had been a fan of Williams for quite sometime saying, “she’s one of my favorite singers and I think she did an incredible job.”

The new song can be found on the producer’s deluxe version of Clarity which is scheduled to be released on September 24. The deluxe also includes other tracks such as “Push Play,” featuring Miriam Bryant, a Zedd remix of Skrillex and The Doors’ “Break’n A Sweat,” and a Zedd remix of Empire of the Sun’s “Alive.”

Hayley Williams Releases Statement About Illness


It has been a been about a week since Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams came down with a cold that has resulted in cancelled shows and even a cancelled appearance on Conan. The band has had to cancel their Salt Lake City show tonight, due to Williams’ sickness. Due to the unforeseen circumstances, the frontwoman has released a statement to fans, explaining her situation.

“Hey everybody,

First of all… Salt Lake City, I am so sorry that we had to cancel our show. There aren’t many things I regret more than letting our fans down. Canceling shows is a big deal to all of us and I tried so hard just to push through them but unfortunately that wasn’t the smartest idea for my health. Canceling was the last resort and again I’m sorry it came down to that.

Maybe I can just quickly try explain what’s going on, so you hear it straight from me. This started last week when we were meant to play Conan… And I woke up feeling really sick. I thought it was just a sore throat but didn’t want to risk not being well for our own shows, so we cancelled. I stayed in and got some food and of course, caught food poisoning from it… Because, why not? Not to get all graphic on you but it was a lot like that scene in The Exorcist where she projectile pukes green and it’s really violent. That ended up burning my throat which made it sore all over again. Then to make matters worse I woke up a couple of days later having gotten some sort of virus, which is what I’m still dealing with now.

And there you have it. Clearly, it has not been my week. I wish that my being sick didn’t affect so many people and again, I am terribly sorry to everyone who I have let down by not being able to perform tonight.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent me a get well soon message or any kind of support over the last week. So thankful that music has connected us.
See you all soon.


Hayley Williams Posts Lyrics for New Song


Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams has recently posted on her blog the lyrics to a new song from the band’s upcoming self-titled new album. She writes the following on her blog:

This will be the last of the lyric posts until the album comes! There’s going to be a lot of exciting stuff happening this week so I promise that the time will fly by! Thanks for coming here to read the tiniest preview of some of the songs off our album. The guys and I are all but bursting at the seams with pride and excitement for this record to come out. Thank God. 

It’s hard to believe that almost a year ago, exactly, we moved out to LA to finish writing/start recording our Self Titled album. The few months before that were a weird time for me, personally. I was battling the present and just constantly trying to figure out how to get to whatever was going to be next. It’s funny how life goes cause then you start to look back at a time that felt really difficult and realize it was one of the most beautiful times in your whole life. The last two years were strange and hard and I learned a lot… but it was easily one of the most amazing, most peaceful times of my life. When I talk to people about it, I refer to last Spring/Summer as a “golden moment” that sparked so much growth and necessary healing. Funny I didn’t recognize how perfect it actually was when I was living it. We all need a little perspective sometimes. To stand back and really get what we’re right in the middle of. 

Last January, I sat up in bed one morning and sang out the chorus to a song that, for pretty obvious reasons, we called “Daydreaming”. I’ve never been the kind of writer to do that. There are like a billion episodes of Behind The Music where the artist talks about writing a song in their sleep… waking up and putting it down on paper before they go back to bed… or some of them just get right up and get to work finishing it. That’s just never been me, though I always wished it was. This particular morning, however, I woke up and from somewhere deep in my head or heart or wherever songs come from… it just came out like word vomit. Later that day I went to Taylor’s and showed him. Eventually the song kind of finished itself. 

Looking back on the months before we moved to California, I was having the worst time just getting through my daily life. I didn’t want to see anyone I knew in Nashville. I felt lonely and sad and a little hurt. For whatever reason I just felt like there was more out there for me but it wasn’t wherever I was. Not “more” as in success, or any type of worldly gain… but I just felt like my heart should be happier. I was constantly dreaming up a brighter life in my head. Trying to figure out what to do to get there. When we moved to LA, even the physical act of getting away wasn’t really helping. At that point, I felt completely lost. If I was this far away from my problems and I still felt alone and down… then where could I go to feel any less alone? It took a few weeks. It took getting up every morning and just deciding I was right where I needed to be. It took singing “Daydreaming” out loud in front of a mic in the studio and turning it into a reality. Now I look back at that season of my life with such a deep nostalgia. Growing pains sometimes hurt like heartache. In the moments that you feel change happening and you feel your heart, mind, body and soul resisting it with all your might, try not resisting for only a moment. Go with it, even! It’s like that quote I’ve always loved by Anias Nin… “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Don’t miss a chance to move forward. Daydream a little. Don’t be scared to embrace the way that it hurts just to grow. You’ll look back and your heart will thank you for not standing still when what you needed the most was to move forward. 

“Living in a city of sleepless people
Who all know the limits and won’t go too far outside the lines
Cause they’re’ out of their minds.
I wanna get out and build my own home
On a street where reality is not much different from dreams I’ve had
A dream is all I have…

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Creep past the hours like the shorter hand on the clock
hanging on a wall of a schoolhouse somewhere
We wait for the bell
And we dream of somewhere else

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Not that I won’t remember where I’m from
Just don’t wanna be here no more
It’s not enough
(We’re only half alive)
I’m gonna go
(We’re only half alive)
Where the rest of the dreamers go

Where the dreamers go

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I’m alright

Daydreaming all the time
We used to be half alive
Now I’m alright”

Surprise! There’s the whole song’s worth…


The song, “Daydreaming” will be featured on Paramore which is due to arrive at stores on April 9.