Hackers Infiltrate Death Cab for Cuties Facebook


Death Cab for Cutie may have not had the best luck last night when some hackers made their way onto the band’s Facebook page and posted some NSFW content onĀ it. Fans of the band who were on the Facebook page last night, were given a weird and completely out of character update from the group advising them about “7 best sexual positions of all time.”

Quickly, the band pulled down the post an issued an apology for the hack. In the message they wrote, “DCFC’s Facebook was hacked this evening and explicit content was posted to the page. The account is now secure and fans will not be subjected to these kind of posts in the future. Our sincere apologizes.”

Check out a screenshot from the band’s Facebook page before the “offending” piece was removed from the website.

No word yet on how that happened, but knowing hackers, they probably did it all for the “lulz.”