Former Go Radio Frontman Releases New Song


While the chronicles of Go Radio has slowly disappeared from headlines, former frontman, Jason Lancaster has released a new song today. In honor of his wedding anniversary, the singer released a new song titled. “Just in Time.”

For those who have not followed the chronicles of Go Radio since it was announced that they have disbanded, band members have said in interviews that there was a growing separation between the members mostly between Lancaster and the others. Lancaster and his wife took offense of the statement that the other band members had released (san Lancaster) and the singer released his own statement on the matter.

Things are starting to look like they have cooled down since the initial separation, but who knows what has happened since the last chapter of the disbandment. For now, you can check out Lancaster’s song for his wife below:

The Go Radio Disbandment Soap Opera Continues


What we thought was just a simple breakup story between Florida’s Go Radio has turned out to be a lot more messy and dramatic than the initial story went.

The last time we were updated about the drama surrounding the abrupt break up of the band, we saw frontman Jason Lancaster defending himself and his point of view on the matter following the letter two members of the band published on Facebook bout their break up. Lancaster took to his personal blog to explain what had happened, in his words following many personal attacks at him from “fans” (we use the term lightly here of the band.

In today’s edition of the soap opera that has become “The Disbandment of Go Radio,” Alex Reed and Steven Kopacz, the two who wrote the original letter on Facebook claim that Lancaster cut off all communication with the band once Warped Tour had wrapped. The two former members were speaking with Alternative Press about what was going on when that piece of information was released.

According to Reed and Kopacz, there was a sinking feeling that the band was falling apart and then they heard that Lancaster was speaking with the band’s label, Fearless. They assumed it has something to do with Lancaster and a solo album, but to this day, they still don’t know the actual conversation.

Read a snippet from the actual interview below or the full thing at Alternative Press’ website.

Jason also went on to say that he didn’t know the statement was coming out. He said he was completely taken by surprise when the statement was released. Why was everyone not in the loop?
REED: Once Warped Tour had come to an end, he flew home, and we hadn’t heard a word from him—our management hadn’t, nobody. Jason has been living in Orlando with his wife for some time now. There was literally no communication at all between the three of us and him. You know, I think it’s kind of human nature when something like this ends to step back a little bit and kind of let it breathe. Like, we were never told that Fearless was ever informed [that we were breaking up]. We had to hear from our management that our record label already knew. That was a big surprise. I mean, we were taken aback by that; in a sense of why weren’t we involved in the conversation with Fearless? To this day, none of us have any clue what that conversation [between Lancaster and Fearless] entailed. It goes even further [when we] catch an Instagram post that all of a sudden he’s doing a solo song on a Fearless comp.

Once Warped Tour was done, our team came apart. Everybody moved on. So at this point, it’s just the three of us—and him in Orlando. The band’s over; we all wanna move forward with our careers, whichever way those careers go. And, you can’t do that if there’s still this anchor and this stigma that we’re all in this band together. You want to bring light to the situation, so I’m sure that’s what was going through his head. He wanted to get some closure, so he went ahead and called the label. With this, we hadn’t heard anything; we contacted certain people and never got a response. So, when we were thinking about posting it, Matt [Poulos, bassist] wasn’t even really there. We told him right before we posted it. He looked over it really quick and we just went through with it. Steve and I are really trying to move on and move forward and get the next thing going. In a musician’s world, if you take too much time off, it gets kind of scary; you disappear. There was no malicious statement behind that. My perspective on it was he was handling his things, in Orlando, by having his own personal conversations with the label and starting his own solo project, from what I can tell. But none of that was communicated with us, so I just saw that as him moving forward, and that made us feel comfortable to announce it.

The Go Radio Break Up Chronicles Continue


Apparently the break up of Go Radio was a lot more deep than what fans had been led to believe.

When news broke this past Sunday that Florida-based band, Go Radio, had decided to break up, fans were more than heartbroken and couldn’t understand where it had come from. Members of the band took to Facebook to release a long statement which said that it had to do with frontman, Jason Lancaster’s desire to spend more time with his family; completely understandable.

Since the letter made its way online, Lancaster has taken to the web several times to speak about the break up. Yesterday, he was a guest on The Gunz Show where he discussed the break up (audio can be heard here). Today, Lancaster has taken to his blog to tell his side of the story and it’s starting to look like the break up was less than civil.

Some of the post can be read below, but read the full statement, check it out on Lancaster’s blog.

I’ll jump to the chase and tell you that I am deeply offended but the idea going around that my love Dee had anything to do with my departure from the band. She, in fact, was the only one to ask me to stay. We had so many talks where I would tell her how I was feeling, we would pray together, and I would leave again to let her fend for herself and smile while she did it. She was nothing but absolutely supportive of my career and never ONCE asked me to leave. 

There are people out there who are spreading vicious rumors about my life with her, and calling us both names. To those people, I ask you to stop before it gets out of hand. You will not face only me, but God with the words you say and spread. Rumors are harsh and counter productive and will only lead to pain and hurt for the both of us. Even if you don’t believe, you should respect the decision I’ve made and keep your worst words to yourselves. 

Things with Go Radio were not good for me. You may call me selfish or whatnot and that is your right, but you must respect my right to see what is best for my life,  and make my own decisions as to where that leads me. I’m not stranding anyone. I’m making music and I’m loving life. If you now, or have ever, loved or appreciated me in any way I ask you to respect that.

Go Radio Have Broken Up


After being a band for seven years and four albums later, Go Radio announced late last night that the band have disbanded. In a lengthy post on the band’s official Facebook,  members Alex Reed and Steven Kopacz wrote about what had happened and what led to their decision to call it a day on the band. One of the biggest factors, they explained, was that Go Radio frontman, Jason Lancaster’s priorities had changed and he wanted to spend more time with his family, an understandable decision, as they explained.

For now, the full Facebook post can be read below.

“It is with heavy hearts that after 7 years of making music and touring the world, Go Radio has come to an end. For some of you this comes as a huge shock and for our friends and family this will be a certain sense of closure. There is no easy way to write something like this so we won’t beat around the bush. 

Earlier this year Jason came to us with the news that he felt his time with Go Radio had come to an end. He felt a shift in priority to spend more time with his wife and retire from a life on the road. The decision to end this chapter was far from easy, but it simply would not be Go Radio without all four of us. Because of that, this decision is the right one.

The experiences, relationships, and memories we have shared are irreplaceable. You, the fans, have had our backs from day one and we could not be more grateful for what you enabled us to accomplish. You’ve given us a chance to travel the world and share our stories as you shared yours with us. We cannot thank you enough. We always strived to be the best band and friends we could be. To take the time to meet each and every one of you, talk to you, laugh with you, cry with you… we wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. Go Radio was not just a band, it became a worldwide family, a lifeboat for all of us to keep our heads above water in good times and bad. Music is immortal. What we’ve created will never die. We encourage you all to focus on the good as it significantly outweighs any sense of bad. 

As for the future… we will all be involved with music one way or another and will be active in letting you know what we’re up to.

You can catch Steven on the entire Vans Warped Tour Australia this fall playing drums with Anarbor at the following dates:

Nov. 29th – Brisbane, AU
Nov. 30th – Coffs Harbour, AU
Dec. 1st – Sydney, AU
Dec. 6th – Canberra, AU
Dec. 7th – Melbourne, AU
Dec. 8th – Adelaide, AU

You can see Alex on the entire Glamour Kills Tour playing guitar for Stages and Stereos at the following dates:

10/11 Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird (Glamour Kills Tour) 
10/12 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Glamour Kills Tour) 
10/13 Nashville, TN @ Rocketown (Glamour Kills Tour) 
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We love you all and look forward to your continuing support and seeing you all in the future!”

Warped Tour Releases Tour Sampler


The Vans Warped Tour is just weeks away from launching their 2013 edition of the traveling punk rock tour, but today, the festival have released their free tour sampler compilation on Amazon.

For those excited for the tour or just want some music to get you pumped for your tour date, they can head on over here and find the compilation for free.

This year’s edition of the soundtrack features artist such as Silverstein, Tonight Alive, Go Radio, Bill Talent and many more who will be on the tour.

Warped Tour kicks off their 18th annual tour in two weeks starting in Seattle, WA. Full tour dates and tickets can be found over at their website which can be accessed right here.

Hope to see you all there.