Lindsay Lohan Loses to Pitbull


If you don’t know all the lyrics to “Give Me Everything” from Ne-Yo featuring Pitbull then you probably lived under a rock all of 2011 and most of 20112. In case you did, Pitbull recites a line that says:

“I’ve got it locked up, like Lindsay Lohan.”

Turns out, that the fallen star didn’t take to kindly to the rapper using her “likeness” in a verse that apparently made her look horrible. The funny part? It was probably the only good piece of publicity she had gotten during the last couple of years. In 2011, Lohan decided to sue Pitbull for not getting permission to use her name in the song. In turn, he asked her to be his date to the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards which she declined.

Yesterday, a New York federal court agreed with Pitbull saying that Lohan’s was way off when it came to the law. The  lyrics to the song qualify as art which is rightfully protected by the First Amendment. They also added on that she is barely even mentioned in the song for longer than three seconds, throwing out the claim that she should receive some compensation for the “emotional distress” she was under.