Pearl Jam Cover ‘Frozen’ Track at Recent Gig


Just when you thought you have heard every single cover of “Let it Go” from the hit Disney animated film, you really haven’t. This weekend a new cover of the infectious and quickly-becoming-annoying track was released onto the internet and the people behind the cover of the song might shock you; Pearl Jam.

Yes, the Eddie Vedder-fronted band played a portion of the award-winning song as an extended version of their song, “Daughters” during a gig at Stadio San Siro in Milan, Italy this past Friday. Watch the fan shot video below.

Frozen is currently hitting the high waves and breaking records for the Disney company, while parents are still shelling out thousands for merchandise.

As for Pearl Jam, the band are scheduled to perform at this year’s Austin City Limits festival alongside Eminem, OutKast, Belle & Sebastian, The Replacement, Calvin Harris and many more.

Watch the Arcade Fire Cover INXS


The Arcade Fire are still on a roll in 2014 even with that little mishap that happened during that basketball game with frontman Win Butler throwing a little tantrum over a play.

The band have been doing everything in their power to do things that are out of the ordinary including awkward Christmas covers, being guests on Zach Galifianakis’ show Between Two Ferns,  and even being kidnapped and interviewed by Rainn Wilson in the back of a van. We also can’t forget their cryptic messages about their new album when the news hit the web and when they went to small venues to perform as the Reflektors.

But, their zaniness does not stop there. During a gig in Australia last night, the band snuck in a cover of INXS’ “Devil Inside” to a version of “Here Comes the Night Time,”  one of the tracks from their recently released album, Reflektor.

The video can be seen below all thanks to some fans.