Psy’s “Gentleman” Gets Banned For Stupid Reasons


Psy’s newest music video, “Gentleman” has already broken Youtube record by getting 147 million viewers in the short time it has been online, but it looks like the people behind the South Korean state-run network, KBS aren’t one of those millions who liked it. The video has been banned from airing on their network.

Now at this point you’re probably asking yourselves, “why they would ban the video?” Turns out that the part where Psy knocks over a traffic cone is considered “destruction of property” and that violates KBS’ broadcasting standards.

But no matter how ridiculous this guideline sounds, apparently the network takes destruction of property very serious because this isn’t even the first time they have used the same reason to yank a video off of TV; they have done the same thing two times before.

Until then, enjoy Psy destroying some property in the video for “Gentleman.”

Psy Releasing New Song Tomorrow


While to world will always know Psy as the guy who cursed us with “Gangnam Style,” it doesn’t means that he’s a one trick pony. Yesterday, the Korean pop star’s management agency announced that his new song, “Gentlemen” would be release, simultaneously in 119 countries around the world tomorrow. Due to confusion about the time of release, the official time for its unveiling will be midnight Thursday (GMT) on iTunes and other local music sites.

The Youtube Sensation had been filming the music video for the song earlier this week, wrapping up production on Tuesday. According to insiders, the video had been filmed in several different locations in Seoul, much like how “Gangnam Style” was.

Psy was quoted as saying that the new song will have “a fast, exciting tempo” and be accompanied by a dance that will “be largely in a Korean style.”

But the new song isn’t the only thing that he has planned; Psy will be holding a concert called, “Happening” at a sport’s stadium in Seoul this coming Saturday which will be the launching pad for his international tour to promote the new song.

OPPA ! Gangnam Style!