College A Cappella Group Takes on ‘Pitch Perfect’


Pitch Perfect was one of last year’s surprise hits and we can all see why with its unique story line, amazing cast and of course, killer tunes. Considering the way the film instantly became a classic, it was a little surprising that not many college a cappella groups were recreating some of the scenes from the film just for the fun of it.

Recently, a video featuring the co-ed a cappella group from Furman University named the Furman FUtones has made its way onto the internet. In the video, you see the group get split in half to recreate the “riff-off” scene from the film where the members from the many a cappella groups come together to sing songs with a common theme; for them it was “songs about sex.”

Watch the group take on the scene and try your hardest not to have the urge to re-watch the film for the 50th time or listen to the soundtrack.