If Music Festival Commercials Told the Truth…


The weather is getting warmer which is a sure-fire sign that music festival season has arrived. In no time, our timelines and newsfeeds will be plagued with photos (mostly selfies) of people at the numerous music festivals the world has to offer.

With Ultra Music Festival already over (took place in March) and Coachella already half way through, there are many more coming our way within the next couple of months. Where else can you drink silly, listen to goo music live and hang out with your long list of biffles?

At least, that’s what the commercials for the festivals have us believing.

The truth is, high-profiled music festivals are usually packed with “celebrities” and people dressed as fairies, the heat that makes you feel like you’re literally walking on the sun, overpriced food and drinks, porta-potties that make you wish you didn’t eat or drink those expensive items, and if you live in places where random thunderstorms are common (what’s up South Florida), you have that added dread of “is it going to pour today, or not?”

CollegeHumor who we all know for making parody of things that we love, have decided to make their own music festival commercial for their own music festival, Opapotamus. Since parodying something usually makes it a little more honest, you can tell that this commercial will touch on all those aforementioned issues that we encounter when we go to a festival.

Side note, we know that music festivals are not all bad. We have mostly good memories from the ones we’ve attended in the past.

Check out the “commercial” below.

Watch Rivers Cuomo Talk About Receiving Fan Mail Intended for Brandon Boyd

We all know that musicians get a lot of things from fans showing their appreciation for the musician and the world they create with words, but sometimes those gifts get really creepy and weird. And sometimes, the things that you get in the mail from fans isn’t even for you.

For Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, that’s exactly what’s happened, several times.

In a recent interview with Larry King on his web-series, Larry King Now, Cuomo admits he has received some fan mail, just not addressed to him, but for Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd.

“I get these elongated fan packages, only they’re not for me, they’re for the singer of Incubus, Brandon Boyd,” he explained to the host.

The funniest part of this whole story, is when Cuomo reveals that he’s received Boyd’s fan mail at not one, but at two different home addresses.

“I didn’t even froward it to Brandon, I should though,” Cuomo jokingly told King at the end.

For those thinking that it’s the most random question to be asked, it turns out that Cuomo revealed this weird tid-bit during a Reddit AMA session last month.

Check out the video here, and if you’re that creepy fan, I think if you added a not for Rivers to send it to Brandon, he might, unless that was your plan all along.

Brendon Urie Drunkenly Retells Fall Out Boy Story


What happens when you give someone a boatload of alcohol and then have them tell a story?

Pure hilarity and that’s exactly what Fall Out Boy did to an unsuspecting victim.

During their Save Rock and Roll tour, the boys of Fall Out Boy gave Panic! at the Disco frontman, Brendon Urie and had the singer tell the story of Fall Out Boy from their inception, to how the band members became members to present day, or at least until said tour was going on.

As Urie tells the story, the way that his drunken mind remembers it, the guys recreate the scenes which features bassist Pete Wentz’s old “emo” hair and eyeliner and frontman Patrick Stump’s old side burns.

Check out the video below which was the last incarnation of Fall Out Boy’s “12 Days of Christmas” special/ publicity for their upcoming new album, American Beauty/American Psycho.

Watch Fall Out Boy’s Dramatic Fan Confessions Reading


T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, well maybe a creature was stirring and by a creature we mean all four guys from Fall Out Boy.

Over the weekend, the band discovered a Tumblr blog dedicated to fan confessions about them which only gave the guys the great idea of recording a dramatic reading of some of them. If you couldn’t guess, hilarity did in fact ensued.

Check out the video below and laugh until you can’t anymore, especially during Patrick’s last reading.

Fall Out Boy will be releasing their new studio album, American Beauty/ American Psycho on Jan. 20 through Island/DCD2. the record features lead single “Centuries” as well as recently released tracks, “American Beauty/ American Psycho” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

Fall Out Boy are also salted to make an appearance on Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve show, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution on FOX next Wednesday. Last we heard, they will be performing a couple of songs on the show.

You Me at Six Call NFL’s Pay to Play Bluff


While some people are up in arms about the National Football League’s decision to make artists pay in order to play the famous Halftime Show, it seems that a band from across the pond have decided to call the football giant’s bluff with an offer of their own.

You Me at Six have made an “official” offer the NFL to perform at during the halftime show. The band’s full offer can be read below and believe us when we say that it’s pretty hysterical the conditions the band demanding for certain prices.

Dear NFL:

We’re sorry to hear that you’re in such dire financial straits. While Coldplay and Rihanna mull your offer, we’re here to help with a multi-tiered proposal:

1.      For $2 Million: We get to play the upcoming halftime show.

2.      For $10 Million, one of us gets to quarterback a set of downs for the team of our choosing.

3.      For $40 Million, the Super Bowl will be played with English football rules, where you must use your feet, and an actual ball.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to review.  We welcome any of the Super Bowl committee to attend one of our upcoming American concerts. Our tour kicks off September 15th at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA.


You Me At Six

(Josh, Dan, Max Chris, Matt)

Yesterday, an article published in the Wall Street Journal claimed that the NFL had decided to charge artists to play the halftime show. At the time of the article, they claimed that the top three contenders for the gig were Rihanna, Coldplay and Katy Perry.

WSJ also revealed that NFL employees were trying to negotiate with the artists, but the reception had been ice-cold. Considering that the NFL wants a piece of the artist’s future tour income or a “financial” donation to the league, we can understand why no one wants to pay to play. Plus, we’re pretty sure a lot of people would love to have “Weird Al” perform this year; they did all come together to form a petition and actually get people to sign it.

Do we need more proof that the NFL are a bunch of scum?

James Franco and Seth Rogen Recreate Kanye West Video


We don’t like speaking about those K-people here, but something funny involving the one who launched them into fame and their counterpart, Kanye West happened today.

A few weeks ago, Kanye released a video for “Bound 2” which feature him riding a motorcycle and his baby-mama/fiancée, Kim Kardashian riding, naked, on the front of it. Fast forward a few weeks later and two clowns decided to remake the music video for the enjoyment of their fans and pretty much everyone else.

Now who are those two clowns that spoofed on Yeezus‘ video you might ask? Well, leave it our favorite Renaissance man, James Franco and Seth Rogen.

This morning, the video hit the web after Franco posted the video along with the following message attached, “While on the set of their movie, The Interview, James Franco & Seth Rogen felt inspired to recreate their favorite new video. Shot. For. Shot.”

And that they did. Franco took on the role of West while a very hairy Rogen took on the role of Kardashian in the parody. Believe us they definitely did stick to their “shot for shot” goal.

Instead of reading about how funny the video is, watch the Pineapple Express co-star cover Kanye better than Kanye.

Blink-182 Fan Gives Herself a Wedgie

Blink 182

Oh, the lengths people would go to see their favorite band.

Apparently this girl really wanted to see Blink-182 because at the Soundwave Festival in Melbourne (sans Travis Barker) because she tried to jump a pointy fence and kind of got stuck on it in a very embarrassing way.

According to the Youtube poster who put this video on the web, the fence clearly said it was a “No Climbing” zone, but apparently the girl was willing to put her “ass on the line” (too soon?) to see the band.

Cue all the jokes revolving around the Blink-182 album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

Goat Remixes Taylor Swift

At this point everyone has heard Taylor Swift’s song, “I Knew You Were Trouble” in many different version whether it be the radio version, someone’s cover or even one of the live versions from one of  the many music award shows she probably performed it at, but did you ever imagine that you would see an animal try to cover her song?

Well, a video went viral last week of a goat remixing the pop star’s hit song. So sit back and let the goat sing to you:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are a generation of easily entertained people.

Josh Duhamel’s KCA 2013 Trailer


Soon-to-be papa Josh Duhamel knows how to get kids to laugh. The actor will be hosting this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon where the kids get to choose who wins which category and goes home with the iconic, neon orange blimp award.

In the new trailer for the show, the Safe Haven star dresses up as many of the nominees for the awards including Taylor Swift from her video for “We Are Never Getting Back Together”, One Direction from their “What Makes You Beautiful” video, Carly Rae Jepsen and the infectious Psy doing the “Gangnam Style” dance.

You can watch the video right here:

Let’s all agree that his and Fergie’s baby will have a lot of talent.

The Kids’ Choice Awards will be airing live on March 23 starting at 8 PM on Nickelodeon.