Alkaline Trio Announce Special Mini Tour


Alkaline Trio have been quiet for sometime now, except for their appearances at Riot Fest earlier this year, so how else would you return to the forefront of fans’ minds than with a big and really cool announcement.

Today, the Illinois-based band announced that they will be going out on a very short tour where they will play all eight of their albums over a four night span, in eight different cities.

Confused? Well, don’t be.

Alkaline Trio will spend four days in one city where each night they will perform two of their albums in full.

If you’re still confused about it, just check out the flyer for the event below which also displays the cities they will be performing at as well as the dates.


Alkaline Trio’s most recent release was actually a twofer. The band released two albums on the same day in 2012; one titled My Shame is True and another, an EP, titled Broken Wing.

Riot Fest Announce Final Album to Be Played in Full


When Riot Fest announced that this year would mark the festival’s tenth anniversary and their plans to make it an anniversary to remember, they told fans and future attendees that ten of the acts would be playing one of their hit albums in full.

Until now, the acts that had been confirmed to be doing this would include, The Offspring (Smash), Samhain (Initium), Weezer (The Blue Album), The Descendants (Milo Goes to College), Naked Raygun (Throb Throb), Jane’s Addiction (Nothing’s Shocking), Slayer (Reign in Blood), NOFX (Punk in Drublic), and the Get Up Kids (Something to Write Home About).

To keep fans intrigued, festival organizers have waited until today to reveal the last act and their album.

It’s Cheap Trick performing Heaven Tonight.

Check out the official flyer from Riot Fest here.


Listen to Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Happiness Is…’


Taking Back Sunday began streaming their new album, Happiness Is…earlier this week on iTunes and now we have the full stream of the album.

The album features previously released singles “Flicker, Fade,” “Beat Up Car,” and the song that just received the music video treatment, “Stood a Chance.”

The full album can be streamed below and will be available at all music sellers this upcoming Tuesday, March 18. Taking Back Sunday will also begin their co-headlining tour with the Used tomorrow night in Dallas at South By So What?

Phoenix Stream “Bankrupt!”


Phoenix are having a heck of a year so far starting with a brand new song and an equally dramatic music video to go along with it. Now they have all these festival dates scheduled for the summer months, so what else could the French band do to make their fans happy?

How about streaming their new album, Bankrupt! in its entirety on iTunes?

To listen to the full album click here and enjoy the ten track album a week ahead of its scheduled release.