From First to Last to reunite at Emo Nite New Orleans in March

Has it really been two years since the members of From First to Last reunited? Well, it has and now it looks like the foursome is ready to get the band back together. On Thursday (Feb. 14), the group announced plans to reunite in late March as part of Emo Nite LA’s plans to bring emo music from the 2000s back from the dead.

The quartet will headline Emo Nite New Orleans on March 22 at the Republic. The Emo Nite New Orleans event is one of the main afterparties for this year’s BUKU Music and Arts Festival set to take place during that weekend. Tickets for the event go on sale this Friday, Feb. 15, at noon CT.

According to the Republic’s Twitter post about the upcoming show, the lineup will include “Derek, Matt, Sonny, and Travis.”

Since the band’s reunion with former-not former frontman Sonny Moore, things on the From First to Last front have been stop-and-go. The group released “Make War,” their first new song with Moore, in early 2017 and followed it up with “Surrender” in the summer of 2018.

The latter made its live debut during Emo Nite Los Angeles in December 2017, so it only makes sense that the group would reunite once more at an Emo Nite event.

The Emo Nite show confirmation comes a couple of weeks after the band posted a cryptic message on Twitter. The post featured a screenshot from Facebook saying “Your offer for a $10 credit expires soon. Claim it to boost a post from From First to Last.” Jokingly, the band added “Should we claim it?” as the image’s caption.

As of now, it looks like this is the only show From First to Last has scheduled, but like with most things, especially their reunions, this may just be the beginning of something bigger. Fans just have to sit and wait. Well, wait more than they already have.

Listen: From First to Last drop new song featuring Skrillex

Surprise! There’s a brand new From First to Last song on the loose. On Tuesday (July 24), the band surprised their loyal fan base by unleashing a new jam titled “Surrender.” In maybe an even bigger surprise twist, the new song featured not-former vocalist Sonny Moore (Skrillex).

The new song’s release comes mere hours after the band —and Moore— began to tease the internet about it. Taking to Twitter on Monday, the DJ wrote: “I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but I made a new song with my old band [From First to Last] and we decided to give it away for free in a few hours.”

Listen to “Surrender” above.

In addition to the song’s surprise debut, the band also revealed that tune is available as a free download on their website.

“Surrender” is the follow-up to “Make War” which was released back in January of 2017. For those who follow the band on Instagram, “Surrender” may sound a little familiar. From First to Last debuted the track during Emo Nite Los Angeles back in December of 2017 where Moore actually was on hand to perform with the rest of the group.

Moore officially “un-left” the group in 2017. During a pre-Grammys interview in February of 2017, the musician gave Alternative Press a coy response by telling the publication “[I] left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore.”

Moore is not the only former From First to Last member to have returned to the lineup. Original drummer Derek Bloom and longtime bassist Matt Manning also returned to the fold.

From First to Last confirms return of Sonny Moore

For the past couple of months, fans of From First to Last have been debating whether or not vocalist Sonny Moore had officially returned to the outfit following a decade since his departure. Last summer Moore who we all know better as Skrillex, ignited the rumor fire when he played a snippet of a new song that sounded very From First to Last-ish on his Beats 1 radio show. Then, in January, the group and the DJ released a joint song titled “Make War.”

A few days after the song’s debut, which happened on Moore’s 29th birthday, the group performed the new song live for the first time during Los Angeles’ popular Emo Night LA event. That night, the group surprised the group by bringing out Moore for a several songs. On Tuesday (Feb. 28), the group may not officially confirmed the DJ’s return, but it might as well be. All From First to Last’s social media profiles now sport a brand new image of the band which features Moore front and center. In addition to the new photo, the band’s biography section has been updated to now to include Moore’s handle. Alongside the new image, the group posted a simple caption which reads “2017 Vibes <3,” on Instagram.

It’s not like there hasn’t been much teasing for the From First to Last or even Moore. During a pre-Grammys interview in early February, Moore spoke to Alternative Press where he gave a coy response to their question about being back in the band. “I left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore.”

Moore’s return to the group comes almost a decade after he exited the lineup; in 2007, he decided to leave the band due to a vocal cord injury. His last show with From First to Last took place in October of 2006 in Orlando. Moore is mostly remembered for contributing vocals to the group’s two biggest albums, 2004’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count and 2006’s Heroine. In 2009, Moore made his debut in the EDM world with his first solo album, Gypsyhook. Then, in 2010, he re-emerged as Skrillex and released My Name is Skrillex.

As for From First to Last, after Moore’s exit, the band released a total of three other albums; 2008’s self-titled, 2010’s Thorne to the Wolves, and Dead Trees. A couple of months after the release of Thorne to the Wolves, vocalist/guitarist Matt Good announced the band would be going on hiatus so everyone in the group could pursue other endeavors.

Three years after the announcement, Good, drummer Derek Bloom, bassist Matt Manning, and guitarist Travis Richter reunited to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new record which would go on to become Dead Trees.

Listen to From First to Last’s new song with Sonny Moore

Is that From First to Last original lineup reunion closer than we originally thought? If we’re going by the massively good news that was recently unleashed, then the answer may be leaning towards a yes. On Monday (Jan. 16), From First to Last unveiled a brand new song with a special guest at the microphone; former vocalist Sonny Moore. Moore, who is better known as Skrillex these days, posted the audio for the new song on Sunday, just in time for his 29th birthday.

According to the band, Moore co-wrote “Make War” “in addition to lending his vocals and production skills for the original band’s first reunion in more than a decade with all other original members returning for their respective roles.”

The premiere of “Make War” comes years after rumors began that Moore would reunited with his original music project. Rumors stayed at an all time low, but last summer, Moore helped add fuel to them when he played a snippet of a song that sounded a lot like him once again filling in on vocals for From First to Last.

Moore lent his vocals for both 2004’s Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount and 2006’s Heroine, but then decided to leave the band to pursue other musical endeavors. In 2009, he released Gypsyhook under his own name and then in 2010, he hit the EDM world as Skrillex for My Name is Skrillex and the rest is history.

As if fans needed any more evidence that Moore may be taking a trip down nostalgia road, the musicians posted a picture on Instagram of himself, FFTL guitarist Matt Good, producer John Feldmann, and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. There’s no telling what exactly the photo means, but maybe it could be Moore returning to his roots.

“Make War” is currently available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.

Listen to From First to Last’s Christmas Track

The holiday season is officially underway and From First to Last are giving their fans a little treat. On Monday (Dec. 21), the band released their Christmas song, “Santapacolypse.” The Christmas track features Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo leading the group on vocals. Listen to “Santapacolypse” below.

Earlier this year, From First to Last released their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Dead Trees. In addition to the new record, they had revealed that they had signed to Sumerian Records for the release. “Santapacolypse” is the first new song from the band since the release of Dead Trees back in April.

Listen to From First to Last’s “Dead Trees”


It’s been a few months since From First to last have revealed anything and on this dreaded Monday, the band gave fans a little something to be thankful for this week; a new song.

The new song is titled, “Dead Trees” and according to the band’s description of the song on YouTube, the track is “Dedicated to everyone that supported us and contributed to our Kickstarter campaign!!”

Check out the new song which has now been confirmed to be the lead single off of the band’s new album which they have been working on for over a year with their newly established line up including Spencer Sotelo of Periphery as their new vocalist, Ernie Slenkovich as drummer, and Taylor Larson the group’s third guitarist.

At the beginning of October, the band announced they would be heading out on a reunion tour, though original vocalist Sonny Moore (Skrillex) has decided not to come back for old times’ sake. The short reunion tour will pick up on Dec. 10 at Whiskey A Go Go in west Hollywood with special guest Dayshell.

Tour dates for the short reunion tour can be seen here.

From First to Last to Head Out on Reunion Tour


It’s going to be a year since From First to Last posted a Kickstarter campaign online and now the band are officially taking their reunion on the road.

Today, it was revealed that FFTL would be going on a reunion tour, though by the dates, it looks like it might be a short one with only eight dates on the list.

Tour dates can be seen here.

A  lot has happened int the year since the Kickstarter campaign for their new album was started online. For one, their goal of $25K managed to reach over $30K and instead of recording and EP, the decided on a full-length album.

But don’t count on former vocalist Sonny Moore (or Skrillex) to make an appearance because it looks like the little bit of hope fans had did nothing to bring him out of his spaceship for just one song with the band that he led for several years.

A major line-up change also happened in the one year since the news of the band’s reunion was made public. Derek Bloom is no longer involved, Spencer Sotelo of Periphery became the vocalist of the group, Ernie Slenkovich became drummer, and Taylor Larson was added as a third guitarist.

Not too shabby.

There was also that tenth anniversary remake of “Note to Self” that was released back in May.

Sonny Moore Not Returning to From First to Last (Yet?)


Yesterday, when news surfaced that From First to Last would be reuniting and kicking off a $25k fundraiser on Kickstarter to help record their new album, fans were excited. The best part was that there was a chance that former frontman, Sonny Moore might decide to come back and do some vocals on the new music.

Sadly, things might not be looking as optimistic as we had originally hoped for. During an interview with Alternative Press, Matt Good revealed that they had tried to contact Moore, but so far, no word from him.

You can check out a snippet of the interview with the magazine below where Good talks about Moore below and the full interview here.

When exactly did you decide that you wanted to make FFTL music again? Walk me through the process of putting the band back together.
I’m working with this band right now, and they’re huge fans of Ross Robinson. I showed them these videos we made with Ross when we were in the studio recording Heroine. I hadn’t seen them in years, and when I watched them, I started getting that reminiscent, emotional thing going on. [Laughs.] I got a little watery-eyed, and I was like, “Man, that was a really cool experience.”

To this day, [recording Heroine with Robinson] was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, and when I saw it, it just brought back all of these feelings—like, super-hard. So, I started thinking about that, and it kind of didn’t leave me. I was just hanging out, my iTunes was on shuffle, and one of the songs from Heroine came on. I saw some people online talking about FFTL, and I was talking to Travis. I was just like, “Man, I think I wanna do a new EP.” And he was like, “Yeah! I think that’s a great idea!” [Laughs.] That’s kind of how it started.

Then I talked to Matt Manning, and he was like, “Yeah, we should do that!” And then I talked to Derek [Bloom], and he was like, “Yeah dude, I’m down.” That’s like the basic member lineup right now.

I have reached out to Sonny; I actually hit him up this morning, so we’ll see what happens. Obviously there’s all this debate about the band with Sonny and the band without Sonny, and it’s really unfortunate because it kind of pulls fans away from what the music’s all about. We all loved having Sonny in the band, and he was an awesome singer. If he would do a song with us on the EP, it would be absolutely awesome, and it would make a ton of people happy. But if he doesn’t, I still want to make a great record and show people that we’re a band, and we just like making music.

From First to Last Announce Reunion and Kickstarter Campaign


Looks like From First to Last are in fact reuniting to release a new album. Last week, the band had released a message that something was brewing with them. At the time, the number one prediction was they would be reuniting and it looks like fans were right on the money.

Today, the reunited group released a statement where they explain that they had been working on some new songs and that they would be starting a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their new album. The full statement along with the video they posted can be seen below.

Over the last 4 years since we announced our hiatus, there have always been people asking me when the band is going to come back and release new material. What I didn’t realize until not long ago is that the amount of people asking has been growing significantly each year. All of us have been off doing other things, musical and non-musical, but this is the time. I have reached out to the members of the band, and have heard back from many. What is to come from here is something that no one knows, but I do know this: With your support, an AMAZING record is about to be made. The rest of the guys and I are excited to do something completely and utterly awesome, now more than ever. My goal is to walk away from this thing knowing that I just made the record of my life.

This record will contain 6 – 7 songs and will feature friends, old and new. I, for one, am ready to make some music that sounds like dragons spitting fire all over godzilla, if you know what I mean! I plan on this being the most epic From First To Last record ever made! 

So, if you decide to contribute to this Kickstarter, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making our dreams possible, for allowing me to create music for over 10 years now, and for showing your love and support through all the ups and downs of this band. I promise, we WILL NOT let you down.

-Matt and FFTL

Now, before we get completely overjoyed about FFTL coming back together, we do have to warn you that there has been no word on whether Sonny Moore, or shall we say Skrillex, will be returning to the line-up, even if just for a little while.