Electric Century Confirm Release of Debut Album


After what feels like years of waiting, Electric Century will finally be releasing their debut album. On Wednesday (Feb. 24), Electric Century head-honcho, and former My Chemical Romance bassist, Mikey Way revealed the news. Joining forces with British music publication, Kerrang!, the musician released a video confirming the news.

Electric Century’s debut album will be titled For the Night to Control and will unofficially be released on March 9. In the same video, Way also announced that the electro-pop act will be giving away the new album in the March 9 edition of Kerrang! For more information on how to obtain the free album, you must check out the latest edition of the magazine, which also features an interview with Way.

When asked by the publication why he decided to release the album with the help of Kerrang!, the musician said: “We’re old friends. We have a really good rapport, I respect the magazine a great deal. You guys were one of the few magazines that we let into the bubble of my previous band. We were a little less guarded around you guys. And Kerrang!’s always done me solid. We have such an amazing relationship. When times were great, you had my back, and when times weren’t so great, you had my back. That’s really telling of a group of people – if they’re with you when times are tough.”

For the Night to Control will feature ten tracks including previously released songs “I Lied” and “Right There.” Back in January, the group had teased their social media followers by posting “2016 is THE year” on Twitter. The social media post came after the group pushed back the release of their debut album due to several personal issues. For now, check out the album cover and track list for For the Night to Control below



1. “You Got It All Wrong”
2. “Right There”
3. “Hey Lacey”
4. “I Lied”
5. “For You”
6. “Let You Get Away”
7. “Until The Light Goes Out”
8. “Someone Like You”
9. “Lately”
10. “Live When We Die”