Death Cab for Cutie bassist addresses viral video


Last week, footage of Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard storming off stage during a set in Charleston, SC went viral. The frontman was seen ripping off his earpiece, knocking down his microphone stand, and leaving the stage before finishing “Soul Meets Body”; their last song of the evening. The rest of the band followed the singer off stage, but returned to finish their set.

As with anything, speculations began as to what led to Gibbard storming off the stage. As it turns out, the musician leaving the stage was “a non-story” which was attributed to a lot of things going wrong at the same time. Over the weekend, the band performed at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE with bassist Nick Harmer sitting down with Billboard for an interview. During the interview, Harmer explained that equipment failure and a fight breaking out at the front of the crowd were just some of the contributing factors to the viral video.

“It’s kind of a non-story really,” begins Harmer. “It got spun as [if] we left the stage mid-set. It was the last 20 seconds of the last song and all of Ben’s equipment failed at the exact kind of unrelated moment there was a giant fight in front of us. We would’ve finished the song but we’re all feeling a little skittish after Orlando and things were just — we weren’t sure what was happening.”

“Suddenly, there was this moment in the crowd where we don’t see this kind of energy happen in front of us,” Harmer continues. “It’s kind of scary, so we stop as a band thinking somebody’s hurt or something’s happening, but that also just happened to coincide with the same other thing that was happening with Ben and all of his gear problems.”

And there you have it; a non-story. Death Cab for Cutie are currently in the middle of a summer tour, performing at a slew of summertime music festivals for the next coupe of weeks.

Brand New Frontman Forgets Lyrics, Gives Hilarious Response


It happens.

Singers sometimes forget the lyrics to their own songs and sometimes need the help from their fans to remember a line or at least finish the song.

When you have a discography that span over a decade, it’s not surprising that a “brain fart” will happen. It’s normal.

But, Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey is not normal.

During the band’s show in Albuquerque earlier this week (April 21), Lacey and the rest of the band had started their song, “Millstone” from 2006’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Things began okay with Lacey singing the lyrics until he couldn’t remember them. He began to mumble into the microphone and then all together stepped away.

Instead of letting the audience pick it up for him, he stopped the song, telling the crowd “I can’t remember, give me a second.”

He even asked someone in the crowd, “do you have the lyrics on your phone there, bro?”


Don’t worry, the band were able to restart the song from the beginning and it went off without a hitch.

Check out the footage below.

Watch Fall Out Boy Perform at Chicago Cubs’ Season Opener

When you’re a band with a well-known baseball team and an iconic sports venue in your hometown, it might be kind of dream to be able to play the venue for that team, right?

Well, Fall Out Boy were given a chance to do just that over the weekend.

The Chicago boys helped kick off the 2015 Major League Baseball season yesterday afternoon live from Wrigley Field. According to a press statement which was released the week before, they were scheduled to play several songs including “Uma Thurman,” “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ’em Up)” and “Centuries” live on the field before the opening night game.

As of now, the only footage we’ve managed to get is of their performances of “Centuries” which can be seen below.

Side note: if you happen to catch a glimpse of drummer Andy Hurley and his kind of upset face during the video, don’t worry. Some are saying (jokingly) that he was upset because he had to wear a shirt during the performance. If you’ve seen Fall Out Boy live before, you know how much Andy hates wearing shirts.

Fall Out Boy recently made news when it was revealed that they would be helping induct Green Day into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this month.

Watch the Leaked Season Five Trailer for ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO have been doing a good job of keeping any footage from the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones underwraps, but now the full trailer for the upcoming season has leaked for every excited fan to see.

Check out the full two-minute trailer for the new season. We’re sure the Three-Eyed Raven is not too thrilled about the trailer being leaked.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on Sunday, April 12 at its usual time. The trailer comes on the heels of the announcement that season 4 is currently being shown in select IMAX theaters which is how the trailer has now made its way onto the internet.

Watch Underoath Perform Circa 1998


This year, it feels like many old footage from some of our favorite band have been found and today, a new piece of old treasure was found.

Thanks to YouTube user, Chad Fair, footage of Underoath circa 1998 has surfaced. Since the band was formed back in 1997, it would appear that it might be one of their first shows. At the time of the shoot, the newly-formed band from North Florida had been opening for Blindside.

You can tell that the video is from the beginning because most of the song that had been performed were from their EP, Act of Depression and if you look, there’s no sight of second vocalist Spencer Chamberlain and Dallas Taylor was frontman.

At the time of the video, the line up included Taylor, Luke Morton, Corey Steger, Octavio Fernandez, and baby Aaron Gillespie.

Fast forward to 2012, when the band official announced their plan to disband and you will realized that none of the original members were in the band. Boy, how the years change things.

Check out the video below.

Watch Yellowcard’s ‘Lift A Sail’ Trailer


Yellowcard might have lost the surprise after all the information about their upcoming album was leaked online, but like they say, the show must go on.

When the information about their upcoming new album, Lift a Sail was leaked, the band revealed on Twitter that they had planned to reveal all the information, themselves, in two weeks’ time (which would have been this week). Like they said, “the internet decided otherwise.”

One thing the band did manage to keep underwraps, even with all the exposed information, was the official trailer for the upcoming record. The trailer features not only tons of footage from their time on this year’s Vans Warped Tour, it also features what sounds like a new song, even though a title has not been given.

The trailer can be seen below.

Lift A Sail is set to be released in September, though the trailer says Fall 2014, through Razor & Tie Records. Don’t forget that Yellowcard will be hitting the road with Emarosa and Memphis May Fire later on this year. The tour will begin on October 16 in Las Vegas and will wrap up (according to the tour schedule) on November 16 in San Francisco.

Check out the full co-headlining tour dates here.

Watch Motion City Soundtrack’s ‘I Am the Movie’


A few months ago, Motion City Soundtrack revealed plans to release a DVD titled, I am the Movie–The Movie named after their record which coincidentally turns twelve this year, though by all arguments you can say it turns eleven since, it would be eleven years since Epitaph Records would release that album that would give us “The Future Freaks Me Out” and “My Favorite Accident.”

Today the boys, who reportedly finished tracking their upcoming album last week, have revealed several segments from the DVD on YouTube which can currently be seen below.

As it was mentioned earlier, Motion City Soundtrack revealed plans to head back into the studio to work on new music; their last album was 2011’s Go which led to them performing on the Vans Warped Tour last year.

Though no other information than a new album has been given, the band recently joked (or maybe they were being serious) with us on Twitter by telling us that the new album would be called, Yippie Ki Yay Mr Falcon.

Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding Team Up in L.A.


Another day, another guest star at the never-ending tour that is Taylor Swift’s RED Tour.

This time, British songstress, Ellie Goulding had the honor of joining the pop star on stage during on another one of her Los Angeles tour stops at the Staples Center on Friday. This tour might be all about Swift and tourmate, Ed Sheeran, but it looks like it might also be about all the guests that she has brought on stage since the tour began.

So far, the “Love Story” singer has brought on stage Carly Simpson who she sang “You’re So Vain,” Tegan and Sara earlier this week for a rendition of their single, “Closer” as well as Jimmy Eat World frontman, Jim Atkins and Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump.

“Everybody, I want you to put anything you have lit-up up,” Swift instructed her legion of fans before introducing Goulding to the stage where the two of them performed her 2012 hit song, “Anything Could Happen.”

After the show Swift tweeted the following to her fans about the show: “So.. Anything could happen at one of our LA shows. @elliegoulding showed up to sing ‘anything could happen’! 15,000 person dance party.

Check out the footage of the two of them performing the song here: