Andrew McMahon releases lyric video for ‘Fire Escape’

Photo by Erica Dominguez

Photo by Erica Dominguez

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness recently wrapped up a massive summer tour, opening up for Panic! at the Disco and Weezer which found them traveling all over North America. During the trek, the group led by Jack’s Mannequin/Something Corporate head honcho Andrew McMahon, unveiled a brand new song titled “Fire Escape.” Now, months after debuting the song live, McMahon and company have released the official lyric video for the new track. Listen to the studio recording of “Fire Escape” below.

Taking to social media, McMahon explained in lengthy post, how a night off in a “town that’s been known to get the best of me” inspired the song.

“I’d been traveling in support of the first Wilderness album for nearly two years when I found myself with a rare weekend off in a town that’s been known to get the best of me. The acrobat, the banker, the oxblood friend; these larger than life characters are the real life squad that lead me through the boroughs, bodegas, bars, and subway stations found in the lyrics of this song.

When it was said and done the nearly illegible pocket-size notebook prose charting out adventures was curated in a high-rise studio off 49th street. The friends I made there, while writing ‘Fire Escape’ have gone on to be the collaborators in charge of bringing the full-length album to life. We bonded over the thought of old friends losing their shit in a city that doesn’t sleep, but also about the beauty of having a home to crawl back to when the sun comes out.

A number one if you will. I think it’s the realization that sometimes the party does end and in that moment where you’re standing and who you’re standing next to says a lot about what comes next. ‘Fire Escape’ is a song full of mantras from a time filled with joy and achievement, chaos, insecurity, and good friends. ‘Never go home,’ ‘We belong awake’…maybe these are words to live by. Maybe I adopted them as a credo to justify my true nature as a escapist. Whatever it is, it’s yours now. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the party. Try not to break anything.”

Currently, “Fire Escape” is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music. As of now, there is no word on whether this is a one-off single or if the track will be featured on a possible new record for the group. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness released their debut, self-titled record back in 2014. Continuing with their never-ending touring schedule, McMahon and company will hit the North American road once more of their own headlining tour with the New Politics and the Griswolds. The complete list of tour dates can be seen here.