Marilyn Manson to Press Charges for Canadian Scuffle


Well, it’s been a hell of a week for Marilyn Manson.

During the weekend, the “Antichrist Superstar” was punched in the face after allegedly calling a man’s girlfriend a “bitch” at a Denny’s in Alberta, Canada.

The incident occurred after his concert at Lethbridge’s Enmax Center this past Saturday (April 4) during the Alberta stop of his “Hell Not Hallelujah” Tour in support of his recent album, The Pale Emperor.

When the news made headlines, via TMZ, the gossip site had reported that Manson instigated the fight, but turns out that the witness accounts of the scuffle were contradictory.

According to Manson’s manager, the musician was enjoying a meal at Denny’s when two women approached him to ask for photos. Manson agreed and was then punched in the face by one of the women’s boyfriend.

“He was being friendly with everyone, anyone who wanted a picture, he would give them a picture, anyone who wanted an autograph he would give them an autograph,” explains restaurant patron/witness Johnny Scott.

“They were just talking and the guy just punched him right in the face without any provocation. He just took the shot and ran off right away. Then, I remember seeing him in the parking lot ducking behind cars, he looked terrified.”

And now the guy has a real reason to be terrified. Unlike when the police arrived on the scene, Manson and his makeup artist, who was also hit in the scuffle, have decided to press charges against the assailant.

On a side note, don’t punch anyone especially a big time musician, in the face for no reason at all.

Travis Barker Talks Tom DeLonge in New Interview


Don’t count on there being a Blink-182 reunion any time soon because just when we though the whole drama had taken a slight time off, drummer Travis Barker has once again taken a stance against former singer, Tom DeLonge.

While participating in an interview for Alternative Nation, the drummer had some choice words for DeLonge, including telling him that he should “man up and quit the band” and even revealing that this wasn’t the first nor the second time he went incognito to avoid the band after major plans had been made.

“I think this is the third time he’s quit without anyone knowing about it because we didn’t announce the other times. But this is just the last straw. It’s just not cool for the fans. He’d always agree to go on huge tours and record albums, but when it came down to going into the studio, he’d find some excuse not to. And we wouldn’t even hear from him, it would be his management. It comes to a point where you decide you’re not going to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do and it’s time to move on.”

And about that manning up and quitting the band?

“I think the right thing for him to do would just man up and quit the band instead of telling people he didn’t quit and just be real with the fans.”

While Barker does say that there’s no bad blood, at least for him, he does challenge DeLonge’s passion for playing the kind of music that helped launch Blink-182 to the status that they have now.

“I love playing, listening, and everything about punk rock. It changed my life. I think for Tom, he doesn’t like punk music and it was a phase for him.”

But Barker doesn’t stop there. In a last dig against his former bandmate, he claims that DeLonge never actually played on any of Blink’s songs.

“We are two weeks in to practice and he’s [Matt Skiba] killing it. There’s harmonies that have never been sung. He’s actually playing the guitar instead of just Pro Tools. It’s just fresh blood and having someone that’s motivated and stoked to be there makes a world of difference. In general, Skiba has a really charming voice and it couldn’t be a better fit.”

Black Veil Brides Frontman Calls Out Heckler

We know that there are times when some of our favorite bands decided to head out on tour with certain bands that we can do without. It’s just part of the music world.

Lately, with social media and people trying to push the limit, “fans” have begun to voice their distaste for those bands and some of band members have had enough of it which leads us to what happened during yesterday’s Black Veil Brides’ show in Vancouver.

The band, who are currently on tour with Memphis May Fire, were on stage when some dude in the audience started heckling them. After having enough, frontman Andy Biersack stopped the show to berate the guy, who kept screaming for Memphis May Fire to return.

In the two videos posted below, You can see Biersack yell the guy, call him out, throw the microphone at him to speak his mind, and then launch at the crowd.

Yeah, insane.

While we do not agree with either side, if the guy did not want to see Black Veil Brides, he should have just left the show after Memphis May Fire instead of sticking around.

What did he think was going to happen, MMF was going to come back on stage just to appease him? Come on, dude, get real.

Man Stabs Other Man at Show in California


We all know that things tend to get a little rowdy when we go to concert, especially in the mosh pit, but some guy at a Cattle Decapitation show last night in California, took things a little too far.

According to local news station, NBC Los Angeles, a man in the crowd “got upset” after being pushed around in the mosh pit, so he took out a knife and cut another man on the side of the neck.

NBCLA also reported that the victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As for the attacker, other attendees managed to disarm him by attacking and knocking the knife out of his hand. The guy was also knocked unconscious. Police say that he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

An attendee at the show, who according to his statement was the one responsible for getting the weapon out of the attackers hand spoke to Lambgoat about what happened.

“Ok so for those of you that don’t know Yes some one got sliced not stabbed at the Cattle D show. The guy that got sliced apparently hit a female who tried to hit him (or did hit him).

Females boyfriend sliced the dude that hit her everyone jumped on the guy with the knife and I may have broke the dudes finger taking the knife from him.

I was called a hero (I think jokingly) but the cops didn’t see it that way. For those of you that didn’t realize that was me in cuffs leaned up against Cattle Decapitation trailer.

In my opinion both guys are idiots Cattles set got cut by 5 songs and that spot might lose their live entertainment permit.


The Story So Far Members Confront Security Guard About Crowdsurfer


We all know that things can get crazy at concert, especially at festivals like Warped Tour, but what happens when the people that are there to help protect you are the ones causing the harm? That’s exactly what happened at yesterday’s tour stop in Montreal, Canada.

During The Story So Far’s set an audience member decided that it would be wise to crowd surf even though the Warped sign telling audience members to refrain was placed on the stage for all to read. Sadly, one of the security guards decided that it was wise of them to take the punishment further than they should have. In an acquired video, straight from someone in the audience, you can see around the 0:35 mark, a security grab the crowdsurfer and threw them on the ground.

The Story So Far members quickly jumped off the stage right in the middle of the song to fend off the security guard that had roughly manhandled the crowdsurfer. Things, of course, got crazy as the video shows a fight breaking out instantly after the band members jumped off the stage. Words were exchanged and it looks like those words were not “would you like a tea party” because a melee soon began. After the craziness died down, the kid was check out and asked if he was OK, before the band returned to their previously scheduled set.

The two video from the confrontation can be seen below.

Warped founder, Kevin Lyman took to Twitter this morning to confirm what had happened and that the security company that the guard worked for haf been contacted about what took place with video proof of what occurred.

Beyonce’s Sister Reportedly Smacksdown on Jay-Z


We all know Jay-Z and Beyoncé are one of music’s biggest and most powerful couples, but that doesn’t mean that their relationships with each other’s families are “flawless.”

TMZ recently acquired video footage which reportedly features HOV, Beyoncé and his sister-in-law/Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange, with Solange smacking the rapper in an elevator at a Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

The video features a woman, reportedly Solange, beating a man, reportedly Jay-Z in an elevator. Another woman, presumed to be Beyoncé, stands back and watches as the other female beats on the male. Things could have gotten worse if a bodyguard had not intervened, but that did not stop the female from continuing to kick and attack the man.

The video also shows that the male and the other female did not once try to engage the female, but she still manages to go off on Jay-Z. No comment or confirmations have been made about the reports, but after the incident was apparently recorded, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Solange were photographed leaving the hotel. In the picture (seen above) Solange does not look happy while Beyoncé puts on a smile and Jay-Z is like always.

The hotel have released a statement about the incident, which they has no idea occurred.

“We are shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system and the confidentiality that we count on providing our guests,” the rep told The Grio. “We are investigating with the utmost urgency the circumstances surrounding the situation and, as is our customary practice, will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our fullest capacity.”

Crazy family members. Sometimes we can do without them.

The Go Radio Break Up Chronicles Continue


Apparently the break up of Go Radio was a lot more deep than what fans had been led to believe.

When news broke this past Sunday that Florida-based band, Go Radio, had decided to break up, fans were more than heartbroken and couldn’t understand where it had come from. Members of the band took to Facebook to release a long statement which said that it had to do with frontman, Jason Lancaster’s desire to spend more time with his family; completely understandable.

Since the letter made its way online, Lancaster has taken to the web several times to speak about the break up. Yesterday, he was a guest on The Gunz Show where he discussed the break up (audio can be heard here). Today, Lancaster has taken to his blog to tell his side of the story and it’s starting to look like the break up was less than civil.

Some of the post can be read below, but read the full statement, check it out on Lancaster’s blog.

I’ll jump to the chase and tell you that I am deeply offended but the idea going around that my love Dee had anything to do with my departure from the band. She, in fact, was the only one to ask me to stay. We had so many talks where I would tell her how I was feeling, we would pray together, and I would leave again to let her fend for herself and smile while she did it. She was nothing but absolutely supportive of my career and never ONCE asked me to leave. 

There are people out there who are spreading vicious rumors about my life with her, and calling us both names. To those people, I ask you to stop before it gets out of hand. You will not face only me, but God with the words you say and spread. Rumors are harsh and counter productive and will only lead to pain and hurt for the both of us. Even if you don’t believe, you should respect the decision I’ve made and keep your worst words to yourselves. 

Things with Go Radio were not good for me. You may call me selfish or whatnot and that is your right, but you must respect my right to see what is best for my life,  and make my own decisions as to where that leads me. I’m not stranding anyone. I’m making music and I’m loving life. If you now, or have ever, loved or appreciated me in any way I ask you to respect that.

Chris Brown Fights with Bodyguard


Is this the part where we start to make jokes that at least the bodyguard was left in Bermuda and not beat up to a bloody pulp? Or is it too soon?

Anyways, reports are saying that Chris Brown had a major fight with his pal/bodyguard Big Pat on their private airplane yesterday that was headed to Bermuda for a refueling pit stop. Apparently, Big Pat got off the plane first and then was followed by Brown and an other guy to go through customs.

During that time Pat told them that he was not getting back on the plane due to the argument that he got into with Brown before they landed. Being the swell guy that he is, Brown and the other man went back through customs and returned to the plane which was said to have taken at 2:20 p.m. leaving the bodyguard abandoned on the island.

But worry not, the bodyguard was able to get a plane ride from Bermuda to JFK and the best part, no Chris Brown on board.

As if that wasn’t enough, the singer later went on to complain about a ten dollar valet fee for his car at a bowling alley in Studio City. He believed that he shouldn’t have been charged for the fee because he was only at the event for 30 minutes. Him and his posse threatened the poor valet.

Come on Chris, I’m pretty sure you can afford ten dollar if you can spend all that money on a private jet, just saying.