MTV Announce the ‘MTVU Fandom Awards’


If you don’t know what a fandom is, then congratulations for not being part of the Tumblr generation who take the whole fan-mentality over and beyond. Where else would you see fan art with certain male characters continuously making out with each other or bad-ass costumes that made you wish you could sew?

Considering how powerful these “fandoms” people are, MTV has finally figured out how to get all those fans to flock to their 24-hour college network, MTVU for the first annual, MTVU Fandom Awards. 

The categories for the newly composed award show ranges from “Fandom Feat of the Year” to “Ship of the Year.”

Fans and talent from the nominated shows and movies will be present when this award show goes down on July 27 at Petco Park during what else, Comic-Con, the prime hotspot for fandom members. Award voting starts today open MTVU’s website while the category of “Best Fandom Forever” will be exclusively held on Tumblr, pitting hardcore fans and their fandoms, against one  another.

But MTVU has managed to keep one category and the nominees for it underwraps; the category of “Fandom of the Year.” Reportedly, the category will include a bracket of 32 nominees and will dwindle down until only one remains. Sounds really exciting.

Check out the full categories below and start getting those fingers moving.


Breakout Fandom of the Year:

Orphan Black
Sleepy Hollow

Ship of the Year:

Stiles/Derek “Sterek” (Teen Wolf)
Dean/Castiel “Destiel” (Supernatural)
Sherlock/John Watson “Johnlock” (Sherlock)
Damon/Elena “Delena” (The Vampire Diaries)
Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark “Everlark” (The Hunger Games)

Fandom Feat of the Year:

Veronica Mars – fans were successful in funding a Kickstarter campaign to create the Veronica Mars film

Teen Wolf – fans raised more than $25,000 to build a wolf sanctuary

Community – the fandom kept the show on the air by petitioning for more episodes, while also getting back original writer Dan Harmon

 – fans used their power to get the show renewed for a second season

Supernatural – Mischa Collins and the fans of the series created “Random Acts,” raising money for charitable organizations

OMG Moment of the Year:

Star Wars – new cast photo
Breaking Bad – series finale
Game of Thrones – The Purple Wedding
How I Met Your Mother – series finale
Batfleck – Ben Affleck cast in Batman v. Superman

Best Fandom Forever:

Harry Potter  
The Lord of the Rings  
Buffy the Vampire Slayer  
Doctor Who