Ed Sheeran Eats it on First ‘RED’ Stop

Ed Sheeran

Poor Ed Sheeran, maybe seeing all those Sheeri-os in the crowd made him stumble and eventually eat it.

The British singer-songwriter fell right off the stage Wednesday evening at the first stop of tour mate, Taylor Swift’s, “RED” Tour in Omaha, Nebraska.

Of course, like modern day technology does, his embarrassing stumble was caught on camera and uploaded to Youtube for the world to see. The incident took play halfway through his set while he was sang (rapped?) his super fast, super awesome song, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.”

It all started when Sheeran decided to get on top of a speaker and proceed to do a call-and-response with his fans and jump from one monitor to the other. Turns out that the singer kind of (well, completely) miscalculated the distance from where he was to the other monitor and ended up face planting in front of an arena full of people.

The day before, he had tweeted out that he was battling a nasty bug. He then followed up by writing, “Flucinating” and eventually added, “This flu is making me dream the weirdest s—t, dunno whats going on.”

It’s okay Ed, I know a lot of girls that would like to kiss your boo-boo and make you feel all better.