Listen to My Chemical Romance’s Swan Song


My Chemical Romance really know how to keep their memories alive after announcing their demise last March. While the word of mouth has been mostly around their last official music endeavors together in the form of a greatest hits album, it still tugs at fans’ heartstrings to know that this is in fact, the end.

Last week, someone at the band’s record label, Warner Brothers, took their social media accounts into their own hands and revealed that they would be releasing the band’s last new song, “Fake Your Death,” this week. At first, and probably until this afternoon, some thought that it was a mean joke like when a hacker got into their Twitter account last year.

The tweet and Facebook post are not fake and today we got their last song for, we’re hoping, now.

My Chemical Romance’s greatest hits, May Death Never Stop You is set to be released on March 24; a year or so after calling it quits.

But keep in mind kids, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge turns ten in June; there’s still hope.

My Chemical Romance’s “Fake Your Death” to Debut Next Week


Considering that My Chemical Romance haven’t done anything in a year since it was announced they would be disbanding, today has become quite a MCR news filled day. First it was the talks of a musical being based on The Black Parade and now someone at Warner Bros. Records has taken over the band’s official Twitter to reveal that the only unreleased song from their greatest hits album, “Fake Your Death” will debut next week on iTunes.

But for those that are little apprehensive about the news, like us here, someone also got a hold of the official Facebook page to also announce that the song will be released digitally on iTunes on Monday, February 17 in the evening. Those who pre-ordered the compilation last month should also keep an eye out because the posts say that those will be getting the track as well that evening.

As for the MCRmy, Killjoys or whatever they are calling themselves these days (we maintain MCRmy here) deep down we want these posts to be the real deal because it’s the last piece of the band that we have aside from memories and all the albums, DVDs and live performances.

May Death Never Stop You is set to be released on March 25th