Cartel to Stop Touring Internationally


If you happen to be a fan of Cartel and live in the United Kingdom (or any other international location), it might be a good idea to see the band now while they are over there, because that might not be happening again any time soon.

For those concerned that the band is breaking up, that’s not the real issue at hand. Like the band explains in a message to fans, it’s “a wildly expensive endeavor to cart ourselves and our gear around the world.” And since they aren’t releasing new music, they don’t exactly need to go out on international tours to promote.

Though it comes as a blow for those outside of the United States, the band do promise that they will continue touring nationally.

Read the full post from the Georgia band below.

“A note to our UK fans: we’re incredibly excited for the opportunity to play in the UK again this year, both in London for our Chroma show and at the Slam Dunk Festival shows (which are standard Cartel sets).

We always have a great time in the UK, we love the energy of the fans and it’s always a great hang. We wanted to mention that while planning this year of Chroma shows, we decided that there is likely not much international touring in the cards left for the band, and these will be the band’s last UK shows.

Though we would love to keep traveling the world and playing shows, it’s a wildly expensive endeavor to cart ourselves and our gear around the world, and we aren’t really banging out new tunes left and right which would necessitate us promoting it worldwide.

While all this may be a bummer, that’s not to say the band is over by any means, we will still play shows in the US. We’re very grateful and excited that we get another shot at playing for everyone and that we can hang out with our UK fans. All that aside, we hope that you understand and we can’t wait to see you all again!”

Cartel are currently in the middle of their Chroma Tenth Anniversary tour. Tonight they have the night off, but tomorrow night, they are scheduled to perform at GameChangerWorld in Freehold, NJ.

We won’t lie when we say we’re a little upset that the closest they’ll be coming to our hometown is Orlando. Maybe next tour?