Every Avenue announce two reunion shows

Just in time for the Halloween season, Every Avenue have announced that they are back from the dead. On Monday (Oct. 1), the Michigan-founded band revealed on social media that not only had they reunited, but that they had two shows already lineup for the month of December. Taking to Twitter, the group posted an image of a tour flyer with the caption, “Weeeeeeee’re back!”

The flyer, which fittingly features a zombie arm popping out of a grave with a beer in hand and a tombstone reading RIP 2003-2018, features two tour dates; Dec. 28 at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago and Dec. 29 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. In addition to the dates, the flyer also confirms the act’s resurrection with the message: “They came on December 28 and 29, in the year 2018, once presumed dead, but no…Every Avenue, they’re alive!”

Check out the flyer and the band’s message here.

The band’s reunion and newly announced tour dates comes six years after calling it a day. While the five-piece did split up in 2012, they always maintained that it was much more of a “see you later” than a permanent break.

“We’ve always said ‘this is see you later, we’re not into goodbyes,” said the band in a joint post at the time.

“We are not breaking up, and are not on bad terms. We have all reached a new chapter in our lives and we are excited about exploring new possibilities!”

Every Avenue’s last studio album was 2011’s Bad Habits. The album was released through Fearless Records.