Escape the Fate Vocalist Issues Cancellation Statement


After being put in the hot seat earlier this week by Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman, Escape the Fate have finally released a statement as to why they have pulled out of their tour with Chiodos as well as the upcoming European edition of the Vans Warped Tour.

In case you do not know the back story, Escape the Fate decided to alert Lyman that they would have to pull out of their Warped Tour engagement due to frontman Craig Mabbitt, wanting to be present when his longtime girlfriend gave birth to their second child. Lyman took to Twitter to call out the band for only giving them three days warning about what they were planning on doing. Lyman went so far as to threatening to reveal the real reason for the departure, but the next day had writers remorse and took down the tweets and apologized to his followers for sinking so low. As for Escape the Fate, Mabbitt’s statement can be read below.

“Dear fans of Escape The Fate:

As many of you know, we had to cancel our upcoming European Warped tour And European headlining dates with Chiodos. This was not a decision we took lightly nor wished to make. The fact is that Escape The Fate has had a number of challenges recently – with Monte and Michael, with those in whose trust we previously placed our business and with our families. But all of these challenges are currently being overcome so Escape The Fate can continue to be a band for many years to come – and to be the best band we can be so this never happens again.

It is true that there were many factors that contributed to our inability to do the tour but after it became clear that my girlfriend was facing continued complications with the birth of our son, I had to make the decision to be with her. I’m still at the hospital as I write this, and am happy to report we now have a healthy baby boy!

Nothing is more important to us than our fans and we intend to make it up to all of you. 2013 has been a difficult year for us, but we are confident that we are now poised to make 2014 the best year we’ve ever had. Your support is so appreciated and means more than you can ever know.


Warped Tour Founder Calls Out Escape the Fate


Escape the Fate might have buried the hatchet with Falling in Reverse, but it seems that the band have waged a new war against someone who they shouldn’t have gone up against; Vans Warped Tour founder, Kevin Lyman.

Last night, the band announced that they would be dropping of their upcoming tour with Chiodos which also meant that they would be backing out of the European edition of the Vans Warped Tour. According to the statement made by the band, which can be read below, the band decided to back out of both tours because frontman, Craig Mabbitt has decided to stay with his girlfriend for the birth of their second child.

“The members of Escape The Fate regret that they will be unable to carry out their touring plans for Europe, including the European run of The Vans Warped Tour UK and dates with Chiodos. Vocalist, Craig Mabbitt’s longtime girlfriend was due to have their second child prior to the band’s European run. She is now overdue and Mabbitt can not travel, as he needs to be home, by her side for the birth. The band sends their sincerest apologies to The Warped Tour, Chiodos and especially their European fan contingent and hopes to get to Europe in 2014 to the cities they are missing.”

Of course, Lyman spoke out about the last-minute departure of the band and decided to take matters into his own hands by calling out Escape the Fate on Twitter giving them a public ultimatum to come clean about the reasoning behind leaving, or that he would reveal all.

A few of Lyman’s tweets and responses to others below.

“@escapethefate pulling out of the Europe shows has nothing to do with having a baby, tell the truth it will set U free. Shame on u 4 lying.”

Since the news surface, Lyman has taken down the post from his social media account, but this morning he wrote the following about the situation. He also elaborated that the band had only given him a 3 day warning letting him know that they would have to pull out of the tour.
Now the question is, why did Escape the Fate decided to leave the European Vans Warped Tour? Do you believe them and their excuse that Mabbitt decided to stay with his girlfriend?