Portugal. The Man Released “Endangered Song” for Sumatran Tigers


Happy Earth Day, all!

While we shouldn’t designated just one day to celebrate the greatest that is Mother Nature and all that she gives us, today, according to all calendars and the internet is that one day.

In honor of Earth Day many people have gone out and done a couple of good things for the environment such as picking up garbage in their neighborhood, planting some seeds for flowers and trees and all that good stuff, but Portugal. The Man have done something else and released a song titled “Endangered Song.”

The song is all part of a campaign to bring awareness for the Sumatran Tiger and to help save the large feline. The band have made over 400 copies of the 7″ vinyl which is designed to degrade over a time. And just like the message to help keep the endangered tiger alive, the release also helps promote the message of keeping music alive.

For more about the Endangered Song campaign head on over to the official site sponsored by the Smithsonian National Zoological Park Conservation Biology Institute and listen to the song below.


Spread the word and love for the Earth. Mother Nature is watching you.