From First to Last to reunite at Emo Nite New Orleans in March

Has it really been two years since the members of From First to Last reunited? Well, it has and now it looks like the foursome is ready to get the band back together. On Thursday (Feb. 14), the group announced plans to reunite in late March as part of Emo Nite LA’s plans to bring emo music from the 2000s back from the dead.

The quartet will headline Emo Nite New Orleans on March 22 at the Republic. The Emo Nite New Orleans event is one of the main afterparties for this year’s BUKU Music and Arts Festival set to take place during that weekend. Tickets for the event go on sale this Friday, Feb. 15, at noon CT.

According to the Republic’s Twitter post about the upcoming show, the lineup will include “Derek, Matt, Sonny, and Travis.”

Since the band’s reunion with former-not former frontman Sonny Moore, things on the From First to Last front have been stop-and-go. The group released “Make War,” their first new song with Moore, in early 2017 and followed it up with “Surrender” in the summer of 2018.

The latter made its live debut during Emo Nite Los Angeles in December 2017, so it only makes sense that the group would reunite once more at an Emo Nite event.

The Emo Nite show confirmation comes a couple of weeks after the band posted a cryptic message on Twitter. The post featured a screenshot from Facebook saying “Your offer for a $10 credit expires soon. Claim it to boost a post from From First to Last.” Jokingly, the band added “Should we claim it?” as the image’s caption.

As of now, it looks like this is the only show From First to Last has scheduled, but like with most things, especially their reunions, this may just be the beginning of something bigger. Fans just have to sit and wait. Well, wait more than they already have.