Electric Century Confirm Release of Debut Album


After what feels like years of waiting, Electric Century will finally be releasing their debut album. On Wednesday (Feb. 24), Electric Century head-honcho, and former My Chemical Romance bassist, Mikey Way revealed the news. Joining forces with British music publication, Kerrang!, the musician released a video confirming the news.

Electric Century’s debut album will be titled For the Night to Control and will unofficially be released on March 9. In the same video, Way also announced that the electro-pop act will be giving away the new album in the March 9 edition of Kerrang! For more information on how to obtain the free album, you must check out the latest edition of the magazine, which also features an interview with Way.

When asked by the publication why he decided to release the album with the help of Kerrang!, the musician said: “We’re old friends. We have a really good rapport, I respect the magazine a great deal. You guys were one of the few magazines that we let into the bubble of my previous band. We were a little less guarded around you guys. And Kerrang!’s always done me solid. We have such an amazing relationship. When times were great, you had my back, and when times weren’t so great, you had my back. That’s really telling of a group of people – if they’re with you when times are tough.”

For the Night to Control will feature ten tracks including previously released songs “I Lied” and “Right There.” Back in January, the group had teased their social media followers by posting “2016 is THE year” on Twitter. The social media post came after the group pushed back the release of their debut album due to several personal issues. For now, check out the album cover and track list for For the Night to Control below



1. “You Got It All Wrong”
2. “Right There”
3. “Hey Lacey”
4. “I Lied”
5. “For You”
6. “Let You Get Away”
7. “Until The Light Goes Out”
8. “Someone Like You”
9. “Lately”
10. “Live When We Die”

Electric Century Hint at Possibility of Debut Album in New Year


While every member of My Chemical Romance has gone off and done their own thing since the band’s split in 2013, there’s one project that’s release keeps getting pushed back. On Monday (Jan. 4), former MCR bassist, Mikey Way, and his project, Electric Century, revealed that 2016 is going to be a good year for them. Taking to Twitter, the act posted “2016 is THE year.” The social media post comes after what feels like years of Way pushing the project back due to several issues, most importantly his rehab stint.

In November of 2014, the musician posted an open letter to fans in which he revealed that he had encountered and intervention and was directed to enter rehab earlier that year. Due to his rehabilitation, anything having to do with Electric Century, including their much-anticipated full-length debut, was pushed back, for good reason. After some quiet, the group revealed plans to release an exclusive Record Store Day 2015 EP which featured three new tracks and one of the first songs they released early on.

Even though Electric Century has been quiet, it doesn’t mean Way has been. Back in July of 2015, the bassist joined forces with Sum 41’s  Deryck Whibley when his side project, Deryck Whibley and the Happiness Machines, hit the California road for a three-date tour.

Mikey Way to Join Deryck Whibley During California Shows


It looks like former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way will be taking a short break from his new project, Electric Century, to give another band a hand.

The bassist revealed on Twitter that he would be joining Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley for three upcoming show. Whibley had revealed a few weeks before that he and his own side project, Deryck Whibley And The Happiness Machines, would perform some Sum 41 music during three California shows that they had planned.

The three shows will be some kind of a warm up for Whibley, who last year had been hospitalized due to some serious medical conditions stemming from years of alcohol abuse. As announced by Alternative Press, the Canadian band will be making their “comeback” at the Alternative Press Music Awards set to take place later this month. The band will reportedly perform.

Check out the three shows the group have planned.

Deryck Whibley And The Happiness Machines dates:

July 3 – Orange County, CA @ The Constellation Room at The Observatory
July 5 – San Diego, CA @ The Casbah
July 7 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Lyric Theatre

Electric Century to Release EP for Record Store Day


Electric Century will finally be releasing some new tracks.

The group took to Twitter last night to reveal the good news to their fans who have been awaiting new music since last year.

The record, which will be the first solo release from former My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way and his partners in the act Dave Debiak of Sleep Station and Justin Siegel formerly of Stars in Stereo, is set to be released on Record Store Day (April 18).

The EP will feature four songs; three of which are previously unreleased tracks. Check out the full details of the upcoming record directly from the Record Store Day website as well as the band.

“Electric Century EP 

Format: 10″ Colored Vinyl
Label: Panic State Records 
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

Electric Century is a fever dream. A Britpop happening made to bounce along heavy beats and driving bass. It’s your subconscious offering relief, a telltale anthem of joy. But the dream has been infected, like always, by the voices in your head: I can’t remember life without the pain.

Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) conceived Electric Century in a daydream. The band is derived from a title, scribbled in his middle-school science notebook. Its idea has been weathered through love and bitter loss, and cultivated within the world’s strangest embrace — sudden celebrity.

In Electric Century, Mikey joins forces with longtime friend Dave Debiak (Sleep Station, New London Fire), whose songwriting captures demons, addiction and despair, then holds them up plainly against the happy facade that we show to the world.


1.  Right There
2.  I Lied
3.  Hail the Saints
4.  If Heaven Will Have Me (Exclusive Record Store Day Track)”

Last year, the group released two tracks, “Let You Get Away” and “I Lied” to give people a taste of what to expect from the new project.

Electric Century Back in the Studio


When Mikey Way revealed to fans the reason behind why he and his electro-pop group had not released their debut record yet, everyone started to realize that it was in Way’s best interest to get better and face his demons than to go forward with his new act and get worse.

Turn out, that his post about battling heavy addiction has led to more than just clean living; now he’s heading back into the studio to work on Electric Century and get that album out to the fans who supported him through his recovery.

Both Way and his partners in the act Dave Debiak (Sleep Station) and Justin Siegel (ex-Stars in Stereo) are officially in the studio working on what can only be assumed to be Electric Century’s full-length debut that was supposed to be released this year.

Way posted a picture from the studio on his Instagram with the simple caption “(((studio vibes))).”

We hope those studio vibes are nothing but the best for him.

Even though we haven’t gotten a full album yet, EC did give us a taste of what we can expect earlier this year in the form of their lead single, “I Lied.”

Mikey Way (ex-MCR) Reveals Battle with Addiction, Rehab Stint


We will admit to being one of the first to joke about how all the member of My Chemical Romance have been able to transition to their own solo musical endeavors, but how we’re still waiting for former bassist Mikey Way to put out his new album.

Earlier in the year, Alternative Press had written that Way’s new project, electro-duo Electric Century was one of the year’s “most anticipated” groups, but that was at the beginning of the year. 2014 is quickly wrapping up and we still have no album or new songs since their first song was revealed at the beginning of the year.

Turns out, things were a lot more serious than what anyone thought. Today, Way acknowledged the repeated questions about EC’s new album, but due to personal demons, that was not happening anytime soon.

In the post, Way writes how he had been battling addiction for years and when MCR broke up, it got worse and even with a fresh slate in the form of a new band, things did not get better. Under a false pretense, Way was led to the recording studio to finish recording Electric Century’s debut album, only to come to the realization that it was an intervention for rehab.

Read the full statement below which also touches on the subject of touring, something Way says he is not completely interested in doing, at least not at the current moment.

“It’s been a minute since the last time we talked. There’s something I have needed to get off of my chest for quite some time – Because most of you have stuck by my side and supported me for over a decade now and you deserve the truth. The program is about brutal honesty, not only with your self but with others too.

I can’t tell you how many times I have opened Twitter or Instagram over the past 7 months to see someone asking about Electric Century and what is next for the band. I want you all to know why I went dark earlier this year and why I haven’t addressed any of your questions about the band up until this point.

In February of this year, I flew to the East Coast to finish up the EC record. Upon my arrival, I was told “you aren’t here to record” and I instantly knew what was going on. I was going to rehab. I felt an odd sense of comfort and thanked my friends for doing this for me. In the months prior I had come to realize that my addiction was far past me being able to beat it alone. In all honesty, at that point I was lucky to be alive. I have talked about sobriety in the past but frankly it was all just wishful thinking, I could talk with the best of them but now it’s time to do the real work or as they say in the program, “walk the walk”.

Physically entering the rehab facility was one of the most terrifying yet rewarding things I have ever done. Getting onstage and playing in front of tens of thousands of people used to be the most frightening thing for me, but getting the help I knew I needed made that look relaxing. During my 31 plus days of treatment, I learned a lot about myself and a lot about what I needed to do to never go back down that path I had been stumbling upon.

I had been self medicating for more than half my life. And as the band grew, so did the introduction of more drugs and more alcohol. Each time I thought I had hit rock bottom I really hadn’t seen the worst yet. When the band broke up, my using had intensified and I fell into total darkness. In the true form of an addict, I disconnected from everyone I knew and pushed away every one I loved. At that point in my life, I was not only lost but in complete self-destruction mode. In February, I was told I should never have woken up.

Electric Century started because I still had something I wanted to share with the world. I wanted it to be a special project that showed another side of me, and told a story I had wanted to tell for quite some time. During my stay in rehab, I was finally ready to admit something I hadn’t said out loud yet – Touring was just not something I was ready for or wanting to do. I was going along with everything up to that point because that is what I had always done. But, I no longer want to be that person, and I am trying to learn to say no and to put myself, and my mental health first. Will I ever tour with EC… maybe? Where I am in life right now, I want to continue to create and release music. For now, I am letting the chips fall where they may and I am hoping to get this music to all of you as soon as humanly possible.

You don’t really believe them when they warn you about the difficult road ahead. You think it will be easier than it really is. They were right. A few months ago, I was afraid to leave my apartment, afraid to drive my car- afraid of absolutely everything.

But now I can say it’s getting better every day and for the first time in my life I am saying that in all honesty. 8 months in I have more clarity than I have had in decades.

The only thing I am still working on getting past are the decisions I made when I wasn’t me. I still have to own up and take responsibility for these things. I lost friends and I lost time, but those closest to me have accepted my apologies are still by my side and that means so much to me. There are still friendships I am mending to this day, but that is all part of this new life I am creating for myself. You can’t un-ring the bell, but you can always learn to ring it better.

I learned through all of this that it’s okay to ask for help. So for all of you struggling – seek help. Tell someone close to you that you are struggling and allow the program to do it’s work. It saved my life and I am eternally grateful for that. You will be hearing much more from me and EC in the coming months, that I can promise you. Here is to the next chapter in my life and to taking things one day at a time…because that is all we really have.”