The Smashing Pumpkins Release “Drum and Fife”


Fans of the Smashing Pumpkins have gotten yet another early Thanksgiving gift from the band; a brand new song.

Today, Billy Corgan and company debuted a new track titled “Drum + Fife.” The new song will be featured on the band’s¬†upcoming new album, Moments to an Elegy due out next month.

You can check out the YouTube audio video for the song which features a chubby-checked Corgan as a toddler (according to Wiki, the singer was 13 months old at the time the picture was taken) with a drum.

Guess his future as a musician was guaranteed back then, huh?

“Drum + Fife” joins previously released tracks, “Being Beige,” “One and All,” and “Tiberius” which was released earlier this week,on Moments of an Elegy.¬†The new record, the first of two new albums, will be released on Dec. 9.