Ke$ha Gets “Dirty” in Her Directorial Debut


Once you’ve gone on national television on your reality television show and revealed that you’ve had sex with a ghost or drank your own pee on camera, there really isn’t much more you can do to make people’s jaws drop to the floor.

For Ke$ha, being called a “crack whore” and all those lovely nicknames is just a normal day for the singer. In her directorial debut for her new music video, “Dirty Love,” she keeps up her party girl persona by playing a stripper.

In the video, she┬árocks garter belts, her now signature rainbow-colored hair and goes about writhing around on the floor. But that’s not all; she also gets doused in champagne which she spits at the camera and her fellow dancers in this grainy, almost sex tape like video.

“Death by glitter. hope u like it,” she wrote about her directorial debut on YouTube, adding that the song is her favorite off her Warrior album.

Oh Ke$ha, what are we going to do with you. Anyways, the video can been seen below and some warning ahead of time, the video’s a little NSFW.