All Time Low confirms the release of ‘Last Young Renegade’

About a week after the unveiling their brand new single, “Dirty Laundry,” All Time Low has returned to confirm the release of their seventh studio album. On Thursday (Feb. 23), following weeks of teasing fans on social media with snippets of artwork, the shared puzzle pieces came together to reveal the artwork for the band’s upcoming new album, Last Young Renegade. The new record is set to be released on June 2 and will mark the Baltimore-based band’s debut with Fueled by Ramen.

Pre-orders for the new album are set to go on sale beginning this Friday, Feb. 24. According to a statement from frontman Alex Gaskarth, the group will also offer some merchandise bundles for their followers to pick from.

Recently, Gaskarth sat down with Alternative Press to discuss the group’s new song and the new album, though no one at the time knew it. At the time of the interview, the band had not formally confirmed the release of a new album, but Gaskarth did imply that there would be new music on the horizon when he described the new music as a reset button on the band’s sound.

“I think one of the big things as we were working on the record was just pushing ourselves forward,”  Gaskarth explained to the publication. “When we put out Don’t Panic, we hit the reset button on the band and we started looking at Don’t Panic as if it was our first record out of the gate as a more realized version of All Time Low.”

Last Young Renegade will be the follow-up to the band’s 2015 release, Future Hearts. For now, the complete track list for Last Young Renegade can be found below.


1. “Last Young Renegade”
2. “Drugs & Candy”
3. “Dirty Laundry”
4. “Good Times”
5. “Nice2KnoU”
6. “Life of the Party”
7. “Nightmares”
8. “Dark Side of Your Room”
9. “Ground Control” (feat. Tegan and Sara)
10. “Afterglow”

All Time Low releases new song, sign with Fueled By Ramen

Over the past week, the guys from All Time Low had been posting cryptic, short clips on social media. When the random clips began to be shared across all the band’s social media platforms, fans knew that something was brewing, but they just weren’t sure what it meant. Now, after days of waiting, the four-piece has unveiled what all the messages meant. On Friday (Feb. 17), the Baltimore-based band released a brand new song; their first in almost two years. The new track, the first since 2015’s Future Hearts, is titled “Dirty Laundry” and can be streamed above.

Prior to the Friday morning reveal, frontman Alex Gaskarth sat down with Alternative Press to discuss the direction of the new song. According to Gaskarth, “Dirty Laundry” is supposed to be like a reset button on the band’s sound. He compares it to 2012’s Don’t Panic in that regard saying that they want to change their sound a bit and keep pushing the envelope.

“When we put out Don’t Panic, we hit the reset button on the band, and we started looking at Don’t Panic as if it was our first record out of the gate as a more realized version of All Time Low,” Gaskarth explains to the publication.

“Then [there was] Future Hearts, and that felt like we started pushing the envelope forward and trying to expand the sound and grow. ‘Dirty Laundry’ is a continuation of that. It’s taking the idea from the last album and continuing to push it forward and explore new things.” To read Gaskarth’s full interview, head on over to Alternative Press‘ website here.

As if releasing a brand new, different sounding song wasn’t enough to satisfy fans, the band also announced that they had left their longtime home of Hopeless Records for Fueled By Ramen. Every album, with the except of their debut and Dirty Work, has been released through Hopeless Records. Int hat same interview, Garskath reveals that when they were first starting, they actually performed for the Fueled by Ramen.

“It’s pretty crazy, actually, because the first label we ever showcased for was Fueled By Ramen when they were down in Florida, so signing with them now was 10 or 11 years in the making,” continues the singer. “What we’re really grateful [for] is they’re such a good family. We’ve always loved Fueled By Ramen, we’ve always been fans of the bands on the label.”

By joining the Fueled by Ramen family, all Time Low will be in good company counting bands like Panic! at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Paramore, 3OH!3, Young the Giant, and more as family members.