Brand New Officially Release Previously Leaked Demos


It’s been a bumpy year for fans of Brand New. First the band released a brand new song (“Mene”) and even hinted at a new record. Then, during a show, frontman Jesse Lacey spoke to the audience about the future of the band, claiming that “this won’t last much longer, we can’t do this forever.” The only upside from that being that he promised fans the next time they would perform, there would be a new record behind it.

Of course, after all the mixed signals, fans are sitting back, scratching their heads wondering what’s going on. During that time, the band went behind everyone’s back and officially released a set of demos from almost a decade ago. The tracks had been leaked back in 2006, but Brand New never did anything about it. Instead, they decided to wait almost ten years to give fans the official version of the demos.

The collection has been named Brand New – Leaked Demos 2006 and will come in cassette format. The cassette formatting of music has quickly become a popular trend over the last month or so. To purchase the collection, head on over to Procrastinate! Those who pre-order the cassette, will also get a digital download of the non-album. Check out the album cover and track listing  or the release below. If you look close enough at the track list, you may recognize a song that made it onto the band’s 2006 release, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.


1. “Good Man”
2. “1996”
3. “Brother’s Song”
4. “Missing You”
5. “Nobody Moves”
6. “Luca”
7. “Fork and Knife”
8. “Yeah (Sowing Season)”
9. “Battalions”

New Found Glory Stream Ramones Tribute


New Found Glory’s Ramones tribute album was one of the biggest sellers at last week’s Record Store Day; it pretty much sold out wherever it was sold.

The band is currently streaming the album on Spotify which features Ramones’ hits such as “I Want To Be Sedated,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Judy is a Punk” and many more.

Check out the full play list below:

While the vinyl version of Mania are completely sold out, you can currently pick up the digital version of the album here which also includes a special t-shirt from Bridge 9 Records.