Brand New Finally Premiere New Song


It feels like Brand New fans have been waiting forever for the band to release new material and after a six years wait, it’s finally happened.

During their show at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium last night (April 8), the Long Island band kicked off their set with a new track.

Some are reporting that the new song is titled “Don’t Feel Anything” which would seem plausible since the chorus does repeat those words over and over again.

Check out some fan shot videos of the show from several different angles.

The song’s debut comes on the heels of the band finally mailing out those The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me lyric booklets nine years after they were suppose to (we guess they were busy?).

Yesterday afternoon, Brand New fans went crazy when the band cleaned their Instagram account and relaunched it with a new promo photo of the band (as seen above) and a photo advising those attending upcoming shows that a second printing of the booklets will be at the shows and soon online.

Let’s hope this is not the end.

Riot Fest Denver Schedule Unveiled


After much controversy and issues, Riot Fest Denver is now a go. Considering they had been kicked out of their original location of May Farms in Byers, the festival managed to get a new home in the form of the Sports Authority Field at the Mile High Stadium.

Don’t let the names of the stages confuse you, the festival will still be going on at the  Sports Authority Field at the Mile High Stadium.

Like we lover to say, the city of Byers and Arapahoe County’s lose is Sports Authority Field’s gain.

Check out the full line-up for the Denver edition of the festival which will take place during the weekend of September 19 through September 21.







Riot Fest Announce Bigger Tenth Anniversary News


With the insane line-up that has already been revealed for all three Riot Fests, now comes word that things will get even more awesome in September;  ten of the band will perform their classic albums, in full.

Earlier this week when The Offspring had been rumored to be performing at the weekend-long festivals, which had later been confirmed as true, the band revealed they would be playing their hit album, Smash in full.

The other bands that will be doing the same can been seen below:

Weezer—The Blue Album

Jane’s Addiction—Nothing’s Shocking

The Descendents—Milo Goes to College

The Get Up Kids—Something to Write Home About

Slayer—Reign in Blood

The Offspring—Smash (we already knew)

NOFX—Punk in Drublic


Naked Raygun—Throb Throb

If you counted over the list, you would notice that one band is missing, and no, it wasn’t a typo. Festival organizers are currently keeping that last one underwraps.

In a press release they stated, “[we] have promised to unveil it in a separate announcement in the upcoming weeks, as well as additional 10th anniversary surprise.”

We are beginning to get the feeling it might be The Cure performing Disintegration or another one of their hit albums in full.

Riot Fest Toronto will take place on September 6-7, Chicago will take place September 12-14 and Denver will take place September 19-21, so get your tickets now before they sell out.

Riot Fest Announces Line-ups For All Three Editions


After waiting for what felt like ages to see who would be performing at all three Riot Fests, the festival organizers have revealed all the acts that will be taking the stage at the three different incarnations of it.

The line-ups are proving to be a who’s-who in the rock genre with acts like The Cure, Jane’s Addition, the National, Weezer, Social Distortion, Slayer and The Offspring which we assumed would be true following the reveal of all their upcoming tour dates in support of the 20th anniversary of their album, Smash.

Chicago, which leads the pack with the most artists will take place at Humboldt Park during the weekend of September 12-14. 

The Denver edition of the festival which will take place at May Farm in Byers, CO during the weekend of September 19-21 will also feature some of the same artists as the Chicago version, but not as extensive as the parent festival.

As for Toronto, The National, City and Colour, Rise Against and Billy Talent had already been confirmed, but now the full line-up for that show which will take place at Downsview Park on September 6 and 7 including a last-minute addition of The Cure to the list.

If you’re drooling over the complete line-ups, then don’t bother reading anymore and just head on over to the festival’s official site and get your tickets because we can guarantee you that they will be sold out soon, but if you want to continue down to the line-up lists, please do.







Denver Riot Fest Line up Revealed


With Riot Fest right around the corner, the festival have announced the line up for the Denver installment. The line up includes the first reunion in 22 years for the Replacements as well as Iggy and the Stooges, the return of Blink-182, Rancid, Brand New and AFI.

Other bands that have been confirmed to be performing at the festival include: Public Enemy, Airborne Toxic Event, Bad Religion, Minus The Bear, Alkaline Trio and Breathe Carolina.

The Riot Fest and Sideshow will take place in Byers, CO on September 21 and 22, so you better hurry and get your tickets, two-day passes are currently on sale here.

Check out the flyer for the full event.