Listen to John Nolan and Jesse Lacey’s High School Band

Over the past couple of days, the John Nolan/Jesse Lacey fan base have been going crazy over the news that someone had a CD of the duo’s high school band, Gudmunder Bjornsen, which also featured Nolan’s sister, Straylight Run’s Michelle DaRosa.

Now, 20 years later, someone happened to find a copy of the CD and was attempting to sell it to the highest bidder on eBay. Instead of letting it go, the fan base decided to come together to raise funds on GoFundMe to purchase the CD and post it online for everyone to enjoy.

The seller found out about it and took down the listing, promising to sell the audio in mp3 for $11 through PayPal.

And that’s where John Nolan comes in.

Instead of letting someone make money off of “old embarrassing high school memories,” the Taking Back Sunday guitarist took to Twitter to advise everyone that he would be posting the tracks online somewhere as a kind of scavenger hunt for those desperately wanting the music.

Thanks to those dedicated fans, we now have all the tracks from Gudmunder Bjornsen which can be heard below.

Enjoy, and thanks again John.

An old Gudmunder Bjornsen flier via John Nolan's Instagram

Tom DeLonge Streams ‘To the Stars’


After months of teasing and giving fans something to look forward to, former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge has finally released his demo-filled solo record, To the Stars…Odds, Ends, and Demos.

For those who have yet to listen to the full album, or just can’t at the moment, DeLonge has posted all eight tracks in a playlist on YouTube which can be streamed below.

The playlist includes lead single “New World” as well as “The Invisible Parade” and his last song released, “Circle-Jerk-Pit” that was probably one of the Blink-182 demos he had talked about in the past.

Listen to the album below.

Tom DeLonge Streams First Solo Track


It’s been a week since Tom DeLonge revealed he would be releasing a solo album which would feature his Blink-182 demos as well as some “odds and ends” he had put away.

As part of his plan, DeLonge will be releasing new songs from the album, To the Stars … Demos, Odds and Ends., every Monday. Today marks the first Monday of his schedule and also introduces us to his first official solo song (not affiliated with Angels and Airwaves, Boxcar Racer, or any of his side project), “New World.”

Sadly, there’s no word on whether this song was a Blink demo or an “odds and ends.”

Check out the track below.

Pre-orders for To the Stars have already begun on DeLonge’s website. Those who do pre-order the album will get a new track every Monday. As for the rest of us, the complete tracklist for the album will not be made public until March 16 with the actual album being released on April 21.

Tom DeLonge to Release Solo Album in April


Now that Tom DeLonge is no longer an official member of Blink-182, the former frontman promised fans he would be releasing some new Blink demos he had been working on as well as some other tracks on a compilation style album titled, To the Stars … Demos, Odds and Ends.

After the dust had settled on the drama surrounding Blink, DeLonge promised fans on Twitter that he would be releasing not only some personal stash songs, but those demos he had been working on for that “no longer happening” Blink-182 album.

Though no official songs have been released, DeLonge has already posted pre-orders on his newly live website. Packages include T-shirts, artwork, and gold-and-yellow splattered vinyl.

Those who decide to go the pre-order route, will begin to receive new music next Monday (March 9) with the tracklist being unveiled on March 16.

Following the tracklist unveil, DeLonge will begin to release new tracks every Monday after that to those who pre-ordered the record until its official release date of April 21.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming album below which features a snippet of four songs.

Tom DeLonge Confirms Release of Blink-182 Demos


A few weeks ago, while the internal blink-182 drama was going on, former singer Tom DeLonge posted a cryptic message on Instagram leading fans to believe that he would be releasing the new blink demos he had been working on at the beginning of March.

Then, last night, the Angels and Airwaves singer took to Twitter to confirm that he would, in fact, be releasing those demos on March 1 on Though several screenshots of the tweet have been posted on the internet, it appears that the original post had been deleted when we went to confirm the information.

The deletions of tweets is not uncommon for DeLonge. He previously deleted a tweet about blink-182 during the middle of the inner band feud.

At the current moment, the website is not live, but we’re expecting it to do so at the beginning of next month. Check out one of the many screenshots of DeLonge’s confirmation about the song, though we are a little on the skeptical side since the original post is not here for us to confirm.

Former My Chemical Romance Guitarist Launches Own Solo Music


Another day and another former My Chemical Romance member has announced a new solo projects.

As of now, all the former members with the exception of guitarist Ray Toro have revealed plans to continue with music on their own, though we are still waiting on bassist Mikey Way’s side project Electric Century to reveal an official release date for their debut record.

For the past few days, Toro had been teasing things on Instagram including a photograph of some HTML codes, confirming that at least a website for him was underway.

Today, Toro launched his website which featured an announcement that he will be entering the studio with producer Doug McKean, who just so happened to be the producer of former bandmate, Gerard Way’s upcoming solo album, Hesitant Alien (way to keep it in the “family,” guys).

Aside from the announcement, the guitarist also shared two demo clips as well as a song titled, “Isn’t That Something?”

His announcement and demos can be found over at his website, as well as his new social media platforms.

Check out the demos below.

Your move, Mikey.

Big News from The Ataris’ Camp


Earlier this week, it was confirmed that the Ataris will be heading out on a reunion tour where they will performing their hit 2003 album So Long, Astoria in full.

Another thing making this reunion tour something to look forward to? The original line-up of the band will be the ones heading out on the tour.

So Long, Astoria was the band’s only release through major label, Columbia which eventually went to gold, sealing it as the band’s most successful album to date.

Also adding more good news for fans, the band have released a 54-track playlist on their BandCamp account with demo tracks from the album which can also be download.

While you listen to the demos, you can look over the tour dates for the reunion tour below.



Feb 28 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock (w/Versus The World)

March 1 – Las Vegas, NV – Backstage Bar (w/Versus The World)

March 2 – Fresno, CA – Strummer’s (w/Versus The World)

March 3 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Company (w/Versus The World)

March 5 – Los Angeles, CA – House of Blues (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 6 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 7 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 8 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 11 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 12 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox at the Market (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 13 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 14 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue (Club Sound) (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 15 – Denver, CO – The Summit Music Hall (w/Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 16 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 18 – St. Louis, MO – Old Rock House (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Versus The World)

March 20 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 21 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 22 – Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 23 – Detroit, MI – The Shelter (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 24 – Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 25 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 27 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre of Living Arts (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 28 – Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 29 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

March 30 – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre (w/Authority Zero, Drag The River, Gasoline Heart)

The Smiths Rare Demo Surfaces


Yesterday, Smiths’ drummer, Mike Joyce posted on Twitter a link to rare demo tracks from the band. The track titled, “The Pablo Cuckoo Tape,” is a 39 minute mixtape recorded in Manchester in 1983, according to the video’s description. The full mixtape can be seen below as well as the full description of the video.

“Astonishing newly Unearthed, Very Rare Rehearsal Recording
{Awash with Unusual idiosyncrasies & early lyrics}
Recorded @ Crazy Face, 13~15 Chapel Walks, Manchester.
You’ve Got Everything Now
Accept Yourself 04:26
What Difference Does It Make 08:46
Reel Around The Fountain 12:52
These Things Take Time 19:28
I Don’t Owe You Anything 22:37
Hand In Glove 28:06
Handsome Devil 31:04
Miserable Lie 34:11
The origins of, ‘The Pablo Cuckoo Tape’ as told by the original ‘Source’ & ‘Up-loader’, ‘bellapintura’ c/o….
‘In May 1983 (exact date unknown), while preparing to record their debut album, The band ran through & recorded a selection of songs at a rehearsal in band manager, Joe Moss’ jeans warehouse (Crazy Face).
The cassette tape was recorded for Troy Tate in order to give him something to work with before going into the studio
I was lent the master cassette by a source close to the band who made the recording, let’s call him Pablo Cuckoo in 1997 with a view of trying to put it out as a semi-official release.
It’s pretty rough, but considering it was recorded on cassette with a stereo Mic pointing into the room, the quality isn’t too bad.
Morrissey’s vocals are a bit distorted – maybe singing too close to the mic or maybe the cassette Mic was too close to the PA but everything else is surprisingly clear.
There is some tape flutter at various points’.
Free & Safe HQ lossless audio download available at the ever excellent Smiths Torrents… Courtesy of the very generous bellapintura.
The Moz & Joe Moss picture is sourced from, The Arcane Old Wardrobe… A Morrissey & The Smiths Photo cornucopia lovingly maintained by the indispensable Comtesse DeSpair”