No Devotion Confirm Debut Album for the Fall


It’s going to be a year since the remaining members of the now-defunct Lostprophets and Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly revealed they had joined forces and created a new band.

Now, almost a year after that announcement was made, No Devotion have officially confirmed the release of their long-awaited debut record for later this year. Since their inception, the band has released a couple of tracks and a singles boxset featuring those songs.

The debut album will be titled Permanence and is slated to be released on Sept. 25 through Rickly’s own record label, Collect Records.

In addition to the title of the record as well as its release date, the band have also revealed the complete track list and a teaser for the album which feature a snippet of a new song titled “Death Rattle.”

Watch the teaser here.

Permanence will feature 11 tracks, three of which had been previously released (“Eyeshadow,” “10,000 Summers,” and”Stay”).

The complete track list for Permanence can be seen below.


01. “Break”
02. “Permanent Sunlight”
03. “Eyeshadow”
04. “Why Can’t I Be With You?”
05. “I Wanna Be Your God”
06. “Death Rattle”
07. “10,000 Summers”
08. “Night Drive”
09. “Stay”
10. “Addition”
11. “Grand”

XTRMST Tell “Coward” to Bow Their Head in New Song


Yesterday afternoon, AFI side project XTRMST premiered their morph-suit starring music video for lead single “Conformist.”

Now, the band which is made up of AFI frontman Davey Havok and bassist Jade Puget, have debuted another new song from their self-titled, debut record due out next week.

The song is titled “Coward, Bow Your Head.”

Yeah we know, a very powerful title and scary title, if we do say so ourselves.

During a recent interview with Alternative Press, Havok was asked about the identity of the so-called coward in the heavy song.

He responded by telling the magazine that they were not referring to one specific person, but rather all the people out there who claimed the straight-edge movement was a fraud.

Check out the song here.

XTRMST debut album, is set to be released next Tuesday, Nov. 18 through DJ Steve Aoki’s record label, DIM MAK.

The Madden Brothers Send ‘Greetings from California’


If you follow one of the many bands that we do on Twitter, then yesterday (and today) you probably saw many of them congratulating Joel and Benji Madden on the release of their debut album as The Madden Brothers.

Over the past few months, the duo have been releasing tracks from the record, Greetings from California. Songs released to date included lead single, “We Are Done” as well as “Dear Jane,” “California Rain,” and most recently, “Out of My Mind.”

Greetings from California was officially released yesterday (Sept. 12) through Capitol Records, which would explain all the congratulations the brothers got from their band friends.

In honor of the release date, the former Good Charlotte dudes gave fans the chance to listen to the album in full, for free, on Spotify. You can head on over to the music streaming site now or just click the play button on the widget below.

Enjoy and let us know what you think about the direction they have gone in.