Fortnite, Target uniforms, and grade school kids; Check out Blink-182’s music video for ‘Darkside’

If you’re current scratching your head and asking yourself “what the hell is going on in Blink-182’s new music video?” then you are not alone.

On Wednesday (Aug. 28), the California-founded pop-punkers unleashed the music video for their latest single “Darkside.” The three-minute video finds the trio inside of what appears to be a grade school.

Throughout the clip, we see the guys playing their instruments in different locations around the school (the gym, playground, room) while kids dance around them. But don’t expect the dance moves to be fancy or known to people who aren’t Gen-Zers; the kids are getting their Fortnite dances on.

Like some comments have said, “it looks like a Kidz Bop version of “feeling This” or our personal favorite “it’s three minutes of Target employees doing Fortnite dances.”

Watch the music video for “Darkside” above.

“Darkside” joins previously released singles “Blame It on My Youth,” “Happy Days,” and “Generational Divide” on blink’s upcoming new album. Officially titled NINE, the record is due out Sept. 20.

Pre-orders are available on the band’s website.

Blink-182 are currently in the final stages of their massive summertime tour with Lil’ Wayne and Neck Deep. They’ll take over the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater in Portland this Friday (Aug. 30). The remaining tour stops can be found here.

Darkside Take on Daft Punk


Remember when we told you that Daft Punk would be taking it upon themselves to remix their own songs from their new hit album, Random Access Memories? Well, it looks as if that time has come, but they have asked fans that if they wanted to contribute, that they would be more than welcomed.

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington also known as Darkside, have taken on the task of remixing every single track on the album (14 if any of you were wondering). But before you think this would be a catastrophe like some random mixing done by your sweet sixteen’s DJ, Jaar most recently, remixed Brian Eno and Grizzly Bear and his remix of Cat Power was voted one of Spin Magazine’s 40 Best Songs of 2012, so we know they mean business.

If you still feel a little unsure, that’s fine, you can check out all the remade album titled, Random Access Memories Memories, below.