The Devil Wears Prada announce drummer’s departure


Last March, the Devil Wears Prada said good-bye to guitarist Chris Rubey, and now, it looks like they’re going to be down another member. Over the weekend, the group took to Facebook to confirm the departure of longtime drummer, Daniel Williams. The band’s statement about the departure was simple, letting their followers know that Williams had left and that they were putting the finishing touches on their new album.

“With respect, we would like to let our fans know that Daniel is no longer in The Devil Wears Prada. We wish him nothing but the best with everything he does going forward. We’re putting the finishing touches on our new album and look forward to releasing new music very soon. Much love, TDWP,” the band’s statement read.

After the band wrote up their short piece, it appears that many of their fans wanted to know what happened, so they began to ask Williams questions. In an attempt to sedate all the fans, the sticksman, posted several responses to their questions. His Twitter responses can be seen below.

As of now, the band has not revealed whether or not they are in the middle of searching for a new drummer or if they already have one. Williams was with the band since their formation in 2005. But, it appears that an answer will soon be given because the group is set to perform at Chicago’s inaugural Chicago Open Air Festival on July 15.