Daft Punk to Remix Their Own Songs

daft punk

In the world where almost every gets the remix treatment, whether it be by some hot-shot DJ or by goats, Daft Punk have revealed that they will be remixing their own, newly released tracks from Random Access Memories. The first track to get remix? Why their first single, “Get Lucky.”

While being interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Thomas Bangalter, one-half of the electronic duos told the DJ that they would be remixing the tracks themselves.

“We’re working on some mixes ourselves,” Bangalter said. “So, yes, there will probably be Daft Punk mixes of Daft Punk. Usually, we never mix ourselves, that’s something we feel we’re interested in doing this time.”

When asked about when the first remix will arrive, Bangalter said that it would be making its way to fans at the end of June. “It’s one step at a time, so we don’t have plans to do a whole remix album at the moment,” the dance-music robots are quoted as saying. “Nowadays it’s really easy for people to take loops from the album and remix it themselves and we really encourage people to do that,” he told MixMag.

Until June then, I guess we can all agree that Random Access Memories will be on a constant repeat in the car.

Daft Punk ‘Goat Lucky’

Daft Punk

It must be the year of the goats because man are they becoming quite the remix staple as of lately. The goat’s biggest claim to fame so far has been making its appearance in the remix of Taylor Swift’s hit, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

This time, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” which features Pharrell has gotten the goat treatment.

Check out “Goat Lucky” below.

Editor’s Note: is it a goat or a sheep? Anyone…Bueller?

Stream Daft Punk’s New Album

Daft Punk

If you haven’t already heard  Daft Punk are streaming their new, highly anticipated album (don’t lie, you know you’re excited for it), Random Access Memories.

There’s really no other words need on this matter so just head on over and hear the full album here on iTunes.


‘Give Life Back To Music’
‘The Game Of Love’
‘Giorgio By Moroder’
‘Instant Crush’
‘Lose Yourself To Dance’
‘Get Lucky’
‘Fragments Of Time’
‘Doin’ It Right’

Random Access Memories is due out next week.

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Officially Leaked


We all knew that Daft Punk’s fans were excited about the group putting out new material, but this shows just how eager they are to get their hands on new songs.

Over the past few months, Daft Punk have been putting out trailer, giving cryptic messages to their fans about a new release. Finally, during a commercial that aired during Saturday Night Live last month, the band announced that their new album, Random Access Memories was coming out really soon.

During the first night of Coachella last Friday, they stole the entire night by revealing all the contributing artists that would be featured on the upcoming release including Pharrell on the song “Get Lucky.” On Saturday, they went on to release a short snippet trailer featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers as well as the new song.

The song that has been making its way through the internet might be a real sounding version of it, but the band have confined the single to their secret storage space until 12:01 a.m. on Friday.

For now, you can check out the leaked/faked “Get Lucky” while waiting for the real one to be allowed for download.

New Daft Punk Trailer Featuring Pharrell

Daft Punk

Another day, another Daft Punk trailer makes its way to the internet. This time the trailer features recently announced collaborator, Pharrell Williams. The song is called “Get Lucky” and will be featured in the group’s upcoming album, Random Access Memories.

Just two days ago at the first day of Coachella, the band revealed in a video that they would have a long list of collaborators that included, Pharrell, The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas and many more.

Daft Punk Reveal Collaborators For New Album

Daft Punk

Daft Punk have been really quite about information about their upcoming new album, Random Access Memories. The fact the it took them a month to reveal the title of the album, let alone the release date shows how the duo can keep things private.

Last night at Coachella, the biggest news of the festival wasn’t from one of the performers, rather it was from the electronic duo which came in the form of a trailer; very similar to the ones they had been showing during Saturday Night Live’s broadcast.

The video confirms that the new album will have a star-studded list of collaborators including: The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Paul Williams, NERD’s Pharrell and many more.

Random Access Memories is due out in May 21 on Daft Life Limited, an imprint of Columbia which was revealed in January the band had headed to.

Watch the full trailer about the making of the video below:

Daft Punk Release New Album Info


Daft Punk have been dropping hints about their new album for over a month and now, they have given fans just what they wanted; information.

The duo have announced that their new album will be called, Random Access Memories, and is currently up for pre-order on iTunes. The album is currently scheduled to be released on May 21 on Columbia Records’ imprint label, Daft Life Limited. Their union with Columbia was confirmed last month when they changed their website’s colors to reflect the change in record label.

Earlier this month, the group released a 15 second clip during Saturday Night Live which left many scratching their heads with confusion. Tonight, the same thing once again happened, but the title of the album was revealed.

On the iTunes pre-order page, the tracklist is currently blank and the details are minimal at best. The artwork of the two masks together which was released last month, was confirmed to be the actual cover art and the track lengths have been also been released, thanks to iTunes.

To see the new ad, check it out right here.

Track lengths can also be seen below:

Random Access Memories track lengths:

01 4:34
02 5:21
03 9:04
04 3:48
05 5:37
06 5:53
07 8:18
08 6:07
09 4:50
10 5:41
11 4:39
12 4:11
13 6:21