Bayside Frontman Issues Statement About New Song Diss


Yesterday afternoon, Bayside released a scathing new song titled “Dancing Like an Idiot.” In conjunction with the song’s release, they had an interview with Billboard about the idea behind the track.

In the interview, frontman Anthony Raneri revealed how it was inspired by bands who like to lead fake rebellion, or “mall rebellion” like he said. Apparently, not a lot of people were happy about the message of the song and began to call out the band about the lyrics including one part where they say, “you’re basically One Direction of they had throat tattoos.”

Feeling the fire from listeners, Raneri responded, clearing up the message of the song and even taking those bashers calling the group’s lyrics “violent and misogynistic.”

Read the full message below.

“Yesterday, we debuted a new song that we wrote called “Dancing Like an Idiot”. I want to clear a few things up.

Let me first be clear that I’m not intending to backtrack or soften any criticism. We meant what we said in the song and it came out as we intended and we’re proud of it and its message. Dialogues are great and important. I said what I wanted in the song, a lot of people had responses, and now I want to continue the discussion and anyone is free to respond to this should they feel so inclined.

The song is not about good bands or bad bands. We all have bands that we like and don’t like. We may be one you don’t like. It’s all open to your tastes and opinions and that’s a great thing. It also isn’t about the Warped Tour. The Warped Tour is an institution that we are proud to have been aligning with for over a decade. The reason Warped Tour comes up when I talk about the song is because it is the setting for the story. It is where you can see and experience a lot of new things and you may not like it all. It also is very purposefully not about “kids these days”. I wrote the song from a perspective of being tired of hearing about “kids these days”. The song is about the people responsible for being a bad influence on “kids these days”. I’ve walked around Warped Tour and heard sexist and homophobic slurs come from the stage. I’ve heard front men implore girls to take their tops off. I’ve heard not giving a fuck championed and encouraged. I do give a fuck and I want kids to give a fuck about what they do and say and become. I want to challenge people to be better and I don’t know if I am doing that but I can be proud to say that I take my responsibility seriously and try everyday to at least not make it worse.

Which brings me to a really interesting point. I have seen some interesting and poignant comments about past Bayside lyrics being violent and misogynistic. I’m not going to deny it. I have always written songs from the top of my head. I write journals and then I turn them into lyrics. Literally. I wrote some songs when I was younger in which I was venting and at the time, it was a cathartic experience to get the crazy thoughts out. A lot of people do this in their heads and in private journals and my journals have been published. I think it goes without saying that I never intended to encourage anyone to put their ex lover’s head on a stick, but the misogynistic undertones aren’t lost on me looking back 10-12 years later. I am obviously a smarter, more mature and most importantly, more stable person these days. If you have listened to Bayside since the beginning, you have watched me grow up. I’m not looking to gain favor from anyone who felt like I was a hypocrite. I read some people say it and thought they had a good point and that if I was going to call out anyone else, then I owe everyone full disclosure. I knew that I had become better and more responsible in my life and my lyrics and I suppose I assumed that people would just know and I understand how they wouldn’t.

Selling fake and misguided rebellion is not only cheap, but dangerous. I’m not saying that I’m selling real rebellion or any, for that matter. I’m not the best role model, singer, songwriter or example that ever lived. But I try my best and in 15 years, I’ve never tried to sell a lie to anyone to sell an extra t shirt. I’m not a rebel. I’m not a punk. I just say what I’m feeling and I do my best to not hurt anyone in the process.
And yes, I know. Breathe.”

Listen to Bayside Call Out Certain People on “Dancing Like an Idiot”


Bayside aren’t exactly shy when it comes to calling people out. We got to witness that first hand/ front row during Warped Tour last year when a large chunk of their audience decided it would be a lot more fun to crowdsurf and distract everyone, including the band members, rather than watch the show. (The eye rolls and frustrated looks were amazing.)

In honor of the band’s 15th birthday, they will be re-issuing 2014’s Cult with a new song titled “Dancing Like an Idiot” which they have now released for fans to stream and it’s not exactly a sweet as candy song; it’s scathing.

According to Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri, the song is a dig at all those artists that try to scam their fans just because they can. He makes reference to those who write “large curses on t-shirts and sell[ing] it to a kid cause they know the kid is stupid enough to buy it.”

“You’re telling them it’s cool to buy a t-shirt to piss their parents off. There’s nothing cool about that—that’s mall rebellion,” Raneri explained to Billboard.

“That’s not real rebellion. I grew up liking The Smiths, liking Nirvana…I fucking hated Guns N’ Roses. It was bullshit, misogynistic, it was fake rebellion—nothing is more corporate and commercialized. “

Check out the lyric video for the song below.

The Cult re-issue will be available on March 3 through Hopeless Records just in time for the band’s 15th Birthday Tour with Senses Fail, Man Overboard, and Seaway which starts on March 5 in Orlando.

Bayside Play Dodgeball in “Pigsty” Video


At the end of last week, Bayside had begun to leak a few snippets of what looked like a new music for them. They teased that the new video would be released on Monday (today) and now we have it.

The video is for “Pigsty,” one of the tracks from their recently released album, CULT.

The video begins with a shot of a high school with a sign for a dodgeball tournament. In the gymnasium, we see a bunch of people practicing when all of a sudden a group of kids, wearing yellow, bust in with their crazy (and maybe obsessive) coach. We say that because, well, he’s screaming a lot and even goes off on a referee in the process. Of course, if you start getting Dodgeball: An True Underdog Story vibes from the music video, then you are not alone.

Check out the video below.

Bayside will be heading out on a short tour this Fall with I am the Avalanche and Seaway beginning October 2 in Pawtucket, RI at The Met. Though these are just a few dates, don’t get discouraged. During the Vans Warped Tour, the band revealed that they will be heading out on a tour next year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Current tour dates can be seen here:


10/02–Pawtucket, RI @ The Met
10/03–Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/04–Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/05–Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
10/07–Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
10/08–Buffalo, NY @ The Waiting Room
10/09–Columbus, OH @ Skully’s
10/10–Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
10/11–Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
10/12–Newport, KY @ Thompson House

Stream Bayside’s New Album ‘Cult’


Bayside revealed late last year that their new album will be titled Cult and now the full album is being streamed over at YouTube. Earlier in the week, Pandora had the honor of premiering all the tracks from their upcoming sixth full-length album on their new music station. Cult is due out next Tuesday, February 18 through Hopeless Records, but can be streamed below until then.

Bayside will be hitting out on the road on their headlining ‘Great American Cult Tour’ this spring, with support from Four Year Strong, Daylight and Mixtapes.


3/5 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
3/6 – Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom
3/7 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
3/8 – Chicago, IL @ Concord Music Hall
3/9 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
3/11 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
3/12 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound
3/14 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
3/15 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
3/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
3/18 – Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
3/19 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Live
3/20 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
3/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
3/22 – Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
3/24 – Dallas, TX @ The Door
3/25 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk
3/26 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Studio
3/28 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
3/29 – Orlando, FL @ Beacham Theater
3/30 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
4/1 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
4/2 – Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
4/3 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero
4/4 – New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater
4/5 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium