Karen O. Makes You Miss the Summertime with “Day Go By” Video

It’s been a couple of months since Karen O. finally released her solo album, Crush Songs, and now we have the official first music video from the album.

The video which is a short film of young love in Summertime is for O.’s lead single “Day Go By.” With images of being at the pool, riding a motorcycle, climbing gates, and making out, it makes you yearn for those warm Summer days of your youth (if you aren’t one, of course).

Check out the music video below.

A few months ago, the songstress announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the band she has fronted for as long as we can remember, had decided to go on a bit of a hiatus.

But don’t think it’s the end of the band.

She reassured fans that it’s just a break and once they decided to reunite, it will be like nothing has changed.

Completely reassured.

Watch Karen O. Perform in Fan’s Living Room


You cannot deny that Karen O. is not only adorable, but the woman has one hell of a voice which has earned her an Academy Award nomination and a lots of fans.

With the release of her debut album, Crush Songs, the songstress gave fans the chance to listen to songs from the new record live before its official release date two weeks ago.

But while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have headlined club gigs and bigger venues in the past, O. decided that she wanted these listening parties to be small and intimate which is what led her to performing in some of her fans’ living rooms rather than at bigger locations.

How many people can say that they’ve had an Oscar nominee sing for them in their living room? Not very many.

A video posted by YouTube user, Sofar Sound shows O. performing one of her solo songs, and singles, “Rapt” in New York City last month at one of those listening parties.

Check out the video below.

Karen O.’s debut record, Crush Songs was released on Sept. 9. through Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult Records and even gave fans the chance to listen to all the new songs a week ahead of time through Soundcloud.

Stream Karen O.’s ‘Crush Songs’


Karen O. knows just how to make her fans extra happy on this Friday morning. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman is currently streaming her debut, solo album, in full.

Earlier this week, O. had released the audio for one of the tracks, “Days Go By,” a short little diddy about liking someone a lot. Of course, the tracks fits with the theme of the album; songs about crushes.

The new record will feature 15 tracks including “Days Go By” and lead single, “Rapt” that was released a few weeks back. In addition to the tracks, O. hosted a series of listening parties in 21 different cities to debut her new record to a selected group of [lucky] fans.

Listen to the full album here and the track list below


1. Ooo
2. Rapt
3. Visits
4. Beast
5. Comes the Night
6. NYC Baby
7. Other Side
8. So Far
9. Day Go By
10. Body
11. King
12. Indian Summer
13. Sunset Sun
14. Native Korean Rock
15. Singalong

Crush Songs is set to be released this upcoming Tuesday, Sept. 9. through Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult Records.

The record, like O. has said several times, was conceived at a time when she was not sure about her love life. Getting out of a long-term relationship, she wondered if she would ever find the one and became somewhat of a skeptic about love at the age of 27. Now, at 35, she’s happily married and managed to put all that former-anguish into a record.

But, if you’re worried that this might be the end of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, don’t panic, this isn’t the first time O. has strayed from the band. In the past few years, O. has contributed songs to a few film soundtracks including Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie (“Strange Love”) and most recently, “The Moon Song” from former flame, Spike Jonze’s film, Her. The song did go on to earn her an Academy Award nomination after all.

“Days Go By” for Karen O.’s in Her New Song


After announcing her plans to release a solo album, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman, Karen O has been revealing the tracks from the upcoming album, Crush Songs, slowly.

Today, the frontwoman unveiled a new song titled, “Days Go By.” Like the inspiration behind the album, the song is a somewhat anthem for the person who has a big crush on someone else, but is too afraid of revealing the “big secret.”

Check out the song and O.’s handwritten lyrics for the song below.



When O. revealed that she would be releasing a solo album, she had wrote a letter to her fans and explained tot hem that the inspiration fro the record came to her when she was 27 years old and had gotten out of a lengthy relationship. At that time, she did not know whether she would ever fall in love again.

Even with that outlook on life at the age of 27, the songstress in fact did find someone in the form of director Barnaby Clay.

Crush Songs will be released next Tuesday, Sept. 9, through The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ record label, Cult Records.