Awful News: Two Men Arrested for Assaulting Woman at Reading and Leeds


What should be one of the most enjoyable weekends across the pond has turned into an awful one for one attendants.

The Guardian is reporting that two people were arrested during yesterday’s installation of Reading and Leeds and not for some petty crime charge like theft or drugs, but for something a lot more serious.

According to British press, a 14-year-old boy from Surrey and a 31-year-old man from London have been arrested on suspicion of raping a young woman and are currently being held by Thames Valley police.

The victim, a 19-year-old woman, reported being attacked Thursday night “in a caravan on the festival trader’s site.” The woman, said she had met the man and the boy earlier in the day near an ice-cream van near a mobile phone charging station in one of the campsite.

But for those attending this year’s event and are a little concerned about things like this being a norm, don’t worry because it appears that the police have things under control, according to Chief Inspector Dave Parker, who spoke directly with The Guardian about this possibly occurring again.

“There is currently a scene watch in place and I would like to reassure those attending the festival that crime levels remain low and crimes of this nature are very rare. Officers are patrolling the site to support on-site security and if anyone has any concerns, please feel free to approach our officers to discuss this.”

On the upside, there have only been 21 (reported) crimes committed since Wednesday; five alleged drug offenses and 13 suspected thefts.

This year’s line up of Reading and Leeds has quite roster with blink-182, Paramore, The Arctic Monkeys, Jimmy Eat World, Queens of the Stone Age, Imagine Dragons, You Me at Six and many (many, many) more.

Musician Swindles Hundreds of Thousands from Investors


We know that musicians are desperate to make music even though it costs a lot, but most of the time, they just get a dead-end job to help fund their dreams.

But not for one man, who managed to not only scam many investors, he took the money and put it towards his own music career.

Portland-based musician, Kasey Anderson did just like. Anderson was sentenced to four years in prison after defrauding 30 investors out of nearly $600,000.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the singer-songwriter told investors that the money was going to a charity album titled, Trapped Like a Ghost. He had claimed that acts like The Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and R.E.M. would be contributing tracks to the record, but in the end he got caught using the funds for his own personal gain.

Anderson said that the money was going to benefit the West Memphis Three Legal Defense Fund. He went so far to convince investors that he posed as a Seattle tour manager as well as an entertainment attorney, he forged an email from a family member of one of the West Memphis Three, and reportedly even played previously released Bruce Springsteen tracks, passing them as a never-before-released version featuring the Arcade Fire. He, reportedly, even claimed that he would be able to get a Springsteen/Lady Gaga collaboration, but as we know, that did not happen.

Anderson plead guilty to the crime last August and now owes investors over $400,000.

Recently, he released a letter to the court as an attempt to apologize for his crime. In the letter he claims he has a mental illness that made him do it.

We’re going to assume the court did not buy his scapegoat excuse of mental instability.

Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty


Ian Watkins has officially plead guilty.

The former Lostprophets singer has pleaded guilty to 13 sexual offenses, including two of attempting to rape a baby and even went so far as to admit that he was in fact a pedophile. Watkins’ co-defendants, two unnamed women, have also plead guilty to numerous sex abuse charges against children.

The singer’s lawyer, Sally O’Neill QC, claimed that her client could not remember the attempted rapes, but  footage from the disgusting event had been found. Government security service GCHQ, managed to crack the password to Watkins’ cloud storage which housed the video from the attempted rapes.

Besides being one of the most disgusting acts, it comes as a big surprise that the videos had been recorded just a few hours after Watkins’ had appeared at a BBC Radio 1 show.

The musician also admitted to two counts of attempting to rape an 11-month-old baby, but denied two counts of raping the child. He also admitted to sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13 and aiding and abetting a female co-defendant to sexually assault a child under the age of 13.

Adding more fuel to his already disgusting crimes, he also admitted to conspiracy to rape a child under the age of 13 and a charge of conspiring to sexually assault a child under the age of 13, all done by himself.

But that’s not where his list of offenses ends. Watkins also plead guilty to several charges related to possessing indecent photographs of children which stemmed from August and December of  last year, and two counts of taking indecent photographs of children dating back to 2007 and 2008.

And we’re not even done with yet with the charges he plead guilty to. Watkins also admitted to possessing “extreme pornography” depicting a person engaged in a sex act with an animal.

When prosecution lawyer Christopher Clee, took the floor for his opening remarks, he said the following about Watkins, “Ian Watkins was the lead singer of a successful band, the Lostprophets. He also, by virtue of his plea, accepts he is a determined and committed pedophile.”

“He has engaged in serious sexual offences against two babies belonging to the female defendants in this case. Not only has he done so but he recorded and kept episodes of this abuse which were recovered by the police” Clee added to his statement.

Watkins will be officially sentence on December 18.

As I Lay Dying Frontman Pleas Not Guilty


In what might be one of the week’s most “WTF” news, As I Lay Dying’s frontman, Tim Lambesis has plead not guilty to charges of an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his ex-wife, Meggan.

Originally, the bail for the musician was to be set at $20 million, but his defense attorney argued that the amount was unreasonable, so the judge lowered it to $3 million.

For those not familiar with the story, Lambesis was arrested a few days back for concocting a plot to hire a hit-man to take out his ex-wife while he was with the couple’s children. The frontman had given the undercover cop, cash, a picture of the ex-wife, gate codes and even the date of when to put the hit out.

The rest of As I Lay Dying released the following statement after the incident:

“To our fans,

As we post this, the legal process is taking its course and we have no more information than you do.  There are many unanswered questions, and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks.  We’ll keep you informed as best we can.

Our thoughts right now are with Tim, his family, and with everyone else affected by this terrible situation –  and with our fans, whom we love and draw strength from.

Thank you for understanding, and as always, for your support of As I Lay Dying.

– Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh”

The couple, who divorced after eight years of marriage have three children together whom they adopted from Ethiopia. Friends, family and event he ex-wife herself said that they have started to notice a change in the singer since he started getting into bodybuilding.
A preliminary court date has been set for July 10 while the district attorney says that there is audio proof of the singer setting up all the information for the assassination plot.