Stream Aiden’s New Single “Crawling Up From Hell”


The Aiden farewell tour is scheduled to begin later this month, but before the band can officially say good-bye to those that have stuck by their side since their inception, the band will be releasing their final album just in time for our favorite time of the year.

The last update frontman Wil Francis had posted informed fans that the recording process had been completed and the tracks had been sent out for mixing. Now, the Seattle-based band has given fans a taste of what to expect from their final effort. The lead single from Aiden is a track titled “Crawling Up From Hell” and sounds like a major nod to their breakout record, Nightmare Anatomy. Listen to “Crawling Up From Hell” below.

Aiden is set to be released on Halloween, though at this point we’re a little confused since it was originally Oct. 30 and now it’s looking like Oct. 31. For those wanting a physical copy of the record, pre-orders for that is currently available on the band’s website. Francis, during his last update, announced that only a limited amount of physical copies would be printed and those not purchased through pre-orders will be taken on the road. But for those okay with a digital copy, it will be available at no cost on the release date.

In support of the new album, and as a final farewell to their fans, Aiden will be hitting the road in November. The tour which has been named “The Last Sunrise Tour” will begin next Thursday (Oct. 22) in Venutra, CA and wrap up on Nov. 21 in their hometown on Seattle, WA. The complete list of tour dates can be seen here.