Metallica to Play House Band for ‘The Late Late Show’


Taking a page out of the Foo Fighters’ performance book, Metallica have now booked a week-long residence on The Late Late Show.

The metal legends will playhouse band for the late night talk show beginning on Nov. 17 and, we assume, will wrap up on that Friday, Nov. 22 (also known as the dreaded Black Friday).

The band’s appearance on the late night show will also act as a way of saying good-bye to outgoing host, Craig Ferguson who will be replaced by British actor/comedian James Corden.

“What better way to celebrate Craig’s awesome tenure at CBS than to come and shake the rafters for a whole week,” Lars Ulrich said.

“Nothing to sell, nothing to promote…purely hanging at Craig’s personal request. Bring it!”

While Ulrich claims that the band’s appearance is to “rock the rafters” and not sell or promote something, the band will be re-releasing the Some Kind of Monster documentary on Nov. 24 for its 10th anniversary.

Good timing.

But that’s not all that they will be releasing within the month of their residence. For Record Store Day Black Friday, they will release the vinyl version of their latest single, “Lords of Summer” and in December, they will be releasing a box set of every show they played in 2014.

No promoting whatsoever, right Lars?

As for Ferguson, the host’s last show will reportedly take place in December. His decision to leave the late night program came back in April when he was reportedly overlooked as a possible replacement for David Letterman in favor of Stephen Colbert.