5 Seconds of Summer Announce ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

Surprise! 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album will be coming out in a couple of months.

A week after the debut of the music video for their lead single, the Australian band has announced that their sophomore album will be titled Sounds Good Feels Good and is set to be released on Oct. 23 through Hi Or Hey Records/Capitol Records. The new record will feature a total of 14 new songs including “She’s Kinda Hot” all produced by super pop-punk producer, John Feldmann.

Pre-orders for Sounds Good Feels Good will officially become available this Friday, Aug. 14 on the band’s website.

In addition to the news, the band has also released the complete track list for the album, which ca be seen below as well as the cover art, also available below. For anyone who had been following the road to the announcement, many of the symbol on the cover art will seem familiar.

Like the “She’s Kinda Hot” unveiling, the name of the album is spray pained onto what looks like a concrete wall. The fox with the crossed out eyes also made a cameo during the “She’s Kinda Hot” reveal (we kind of thought it was a dig like ‘she’s a fox, but a mean’). Then, there’s the image of the television which is how the whole cryptic announcement for the new album was made. and lastly, there’s the broken heart symbol that during the first cryptic new album announcement kept populating all over the world on many famous landmarks.

Check out all the new album information below.



1. “Money”
2. “She’s Kinda Hot”
3. “Hey Everybody!”
4. “Permanent Vacation”
5. “Jet Black Heart”
6. “Catch Fire”
7. “Waste The Night”
8. “Vapor”
9. “Castaway”
10. “Fly Away”
11. “Invisible”
12. “Airplanes”
13. “San Francisco”
14. “Outer Space / Carry On”

Coheed and Cambria Unveil New Album Track List, Cover Art

COHEED AND CAMBRIA To Release First Non-Conceptual Album 'The Color Before The Sun'

A month after releasing “You Got Spirit, Kid,” the lead single from their upcoming new album, Coheed and Cambria are back with the official track list and cover art for The Color Before the Sun.

The new record will include ten new tracks including “You Got Spirit, Kid” and marks the first record that is not part of their fictional Armory Wars concept. ever record from them since their debut was all part of the concept.

The Color Before the Sun is set to be released on Oct. 9 through 300 Entertainment. and it’s available for pre-order now on the band’s website.

According to a press release, this album will be told from frontman Claudio Sanchez’s perspective about life. Things like fatherhood, feelings of losing a home, and such will be told in his own way.

“Claudio Sanchez is exposing his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective — the anxiety of fatherhood, the disorienting feeling of losing a home, the reflections had during early-morning walks. His own story is told through big, bright, driving, colorful songs that beam like power-pop, crunch like vintage ‘90s emocore and float with the expansive feel of space-rock.”

Check out the track list for the new record below as well as some tour dates which includes appearances at Riot Fest and Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Coheed and Cambria


1. “Island”
2. “Eraser”
3. “Colors”
4. “Here To Mars”
5. “Ghost”
6. “Atlas”
7. “Young Love”
8. “You Got Spirit, Kid”
9. “The Audience”
10. “Peace To The Mountain”


Aug 8 – Nashville, TN – Ink N Iron Fest
Aug 9 – Atlanta, GA – Wrecking Ball
Aug 14 – Kent, UK – Hevy Fest 2015
Aug 15 – Amsterdam, NE – Neverender IKSSE:3
Aug 16 – Schloβ Holte-Stukenbrock, DE – Serengeti Festival
Aug 18 – Frankfurt, DE – Neverender IKSSE:3
Aug 19 – Cologne, DE – Neverender IKSSE:3
Aug 20 – Gampel-Bratsch, CH – Open Air Gampel
Aug 21 – Hasselt, BE – Pukkelpop
Aug 28 – Denver, CO – Riot Fest
Sep 11 – Chicago, IL – Riot Fest
Sep 12 – Buffalo, NY – Edge Fest
Sep 13 – Sterling Heights, MI – Chill On The Hill
Sep 19 – Toronto, ON – Riot Fest
Oct 25 – Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival
Oct 31 – Tempe, AZ – Monster Mash Music Festival
Nov 6 – Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest

Weezer Reveal ‘Everything Will Be Alright in the End’ Cover Art


Another week means that Weezer has released another video with some information about their upcoming new record. This weeks video features the band revealing to us the official album cover art for Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

The album’s cover art features a creature that looks like a cross between a Yeti and Chewbacca, making its way down a forested mountain area, leaving smoke in its wake. The identity of the artist has also been revealed to be Chris McMahon. McMahon’s work is mostly composed of adding monsters to landscape portraits which he finds at thrift shops.


Gives new meaning to “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” especially since now it will have a place on records all over the world once the album is released.

Everything Will Be Alright in the End still has no official release date, much to the displeasure of everyone, though it as been said that it will either be released at the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015. Aside from the tid-bits of new music we might be hearing in Weezer’s previous video posts, the only information we have is that the record will be produced by The Cars’ Ric Ocasek (who produced their Green and Blue albums) as well as it’s the first release for new record label, Republic.

98 Degrees Reveal Album Art


98 Degrees have just released the cover art for their upcoming new album, 2.0. The album will be the boy band’s first new set of tracks in ten years.

The album art which can be seen above, features the four members of the group, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons dressed in sleek suits, a big departure from all the crazy fashions that they used to wear which screamed “90s!”

The album will be dropping soon, just in time for their tour which will also include fellow boy banders New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. “The Package” Tour will start its run on May 28 in Uncasville, Conn., visit 46 cities and then finish in Indianapolis on Aug. 4.

The boys went on hiatus in 2002 after releasing a couple of albums, but then returned to the music limelight last Summer when they participated in the Today Show‘s “Summer Concert Series” where it was announced that they will be heading on their upcoming tour.

2.0 is set to be released on May 7 via Entertainment One.

Fall Out Boy Reveal Album Art

Save Rock and Roll

Last week Fall Out Boy had fans in a frenzy when they revealed that Sir Elton John would be on their new record, and now the band is revealing the cover art for the album on their Tumblr page. They also added a small message for their fans which you can also read below.

“when we were beginning the journey of making this record we wanted to find some inspirational images. we came across the punk and monk image on the Internet and it really solidified what we were trying to get across on the record- the idea of old and new clashing. tradition and change coming together. there was something striking about it. obviously this is an image that means a lot to many people- we felt like we wanted to be part of this conversation. these kids represent the youth, change and irreverence that we hope our record is listened to with. at the end of the day we just want to take the rules and start all over with save rock and roll anyway.

shout out to Roger Stonehouse for capturing the original photo and allowing us to share it with the world “

Save Rock and Roll will be available on April 15 and 16 worldwide, but can be pre-order on the band’s website.