Fall Out Boy Drop Teaser for New ‘Youngblood’ Video

Fall Out Boy Visits fuse

Fall Out Boy have announced that their newest addition to the Youngblood Chronicles music videos will be “Rat A Tat” which features Courtney Love on the track. The video, which will also feature the Hole frontwoman, is scheduled to be released tomorrow, March 6.

The band have released a 26-second teaser for the music video which features a montage of scenes from the upcoming installation of the series. Love makes her appearance with a blow horn while Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump is connected to an electric chair, some sketchy exchange going on in an alley way and a chick licking a windshield.

Yes, we are as confused, but considering all the previous videos for the series, we shouldn’t be at least surprised.

Rolling Stone got the opportunity to hang out behind-the-scenes of the video shoot and have some picture from the “Making of the Video” which can be viewed over on their site. Watch the teaser below and don’t forget to check in tomorrow on Fall Out Boy’s Twitter to see the full video.

Courtney Love Wins Landmark Twitter Libel Lawsuit


A ruling has been made in one of the first lawsuits of its kind; suing for libel over a post on Twitter.

Courtney Love’s former lawyer, Rhoda Holmes filed a lawsuit back in May 2010, accusing the Hole frontwoman of libel when she wrote that Holmes had taken a bribe. The tweet that Love posted, alleged that Holmes had refused to represent her in litigation against the estate of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, because Holmes had been “bought off.”

During court, Love had said that the tweet had been intended to be a direct message to someone as an answer for a question they had asked and accidentally posted it in the public forum. She quickly deleted the tweet from her account when she realized what had happened.

After four hours of deliberation, the 12-person jury found that she indeed published a tweet that contained false information while 11 of them did conclude it would have been damaging to Holmes’ reputation.However, they also ruled 9-3 that Holmes’ lawyers did not prove that Love knew that the statement had inf act been false at the time meaning that she could not be held for libel.

While Holmes did not come out $8 million richer, like she probably hoped for at the initial beginning of the lawsuit, her attorney Mitchell Langberg told Reuters, “What she’s really happy about is when the jury found that she didn’t get bought off, that she didn’t abandon her client for money.”

Fall Out Boy and…..Courtney Love?

Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy are very good at giving fans hints about who will be making special appearance on their albums. They also are very good at getting big names to appear on those tracks, just like their recent addition to Save Rock and Roll, Sir Elton John.

Today, the band posted up a video on their home page with a simple, “It’s Courtney, bitch.” Could the Hole singer be making an appearance on an upcoming new track or will it just be a simple opening for one of the songs like Jay-Z when he did the opening for “Thriller”?

Who knows, but you guys can judge for yourselves here; the video’s only six seconds long.