Paramore Cancel Two Tour Dates Due to Illness


For fans of Paramoe who were looking forward to seeing the Nashville-based band on their co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy this summer, it looks like they’ve had to bow out for a couple of stops.

The band was forced to cancel two Texas stops on the “Monumentour,” one in Corpus Christi and the other in Dallas due to frontwoman Hayley Williams falling ill with a chest infection and exhaustion.

As of now, it looks like their show tomorrow (August 7) in Albuquerque is still on, but with illnesses that bad especially for the voice of the band, fans should keep an eye out for updates from the band about that.

Check out a message from Williams, explaining the decision to pull out of the two stops.

“Writing from my bunk to let you know that my doctor and my vocal coach have told me I can’t play tonight either. I have a chest infection and … Something called “exhaustion”. Ha. 

Words in this tiny little message cannot begin to express my frustration, sadness, and overall loopiness (the latter is likely just from the cortisone and antibiotics…ugh.) 

Corpus Christi, you’ve been on my mind since I woke up this afternoon and Dallas, you’ll be on my mind the rest of the night. I absolutely hate canceling anything. Admitting defeat is a tough thing for this gal. 

Anyway. Thanks for understanding as much as you can. Of course any frustration on your part is totally understandable. I’m thankful for all the get well soon’s and all the love I’ve seen online. Big special thanks for FOB camp as well for helping by extending their set last night. We absolutely love being out here with those guys and their crew.

As for the rest of the tour. It is still on. Doctor thinks I’ll be good to go in the next day and certainly before the next show. 

Texas, the guys and I will be back to you as soon as we can.

Pray for me if you pray. Fist bump me if you don’t.