Linkin Park Call Cops on Sublime with Rome? Not So Fast.




Police report time.


It’s starting to sound like there might be some bad blood between Linkin Park and Sublime. Rome Ramirez, the current singer of the punk band has accused Linkin Park of calling the cops on the band while they were smoking marijuana.

The bands recently shared the stage at KFMA DAY in Tucson, AZ, but according to Ramirez, the band called the cops on them because they were “allergic to weed” and that the police came and confiscated the weed while Sublime were on stage, though no arrest had been made.

Ramirez went on to dub Linkin Park by a new name, Linkin Nark. It’s would not be so surprising if this did occur because LP frontman, Chester Bennington has had a long history with drug addiction, but Mike Shinoda has now come out to defend the band.

Like Ramirez, Shinoda took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter claiming that his band were not the ones who called the cops on Sublime. He also goes on to give an alibi for the band saying that they were in the middle of a meet and greet when cops were called; nowhere near where the alleged smoking was going on.

And here we all thought smoking weed brought people together with mellow moods and munchies.

The Gossip’s Beth Ditto, Arrested

Beth Ditto

The Gossip’s lead singer, Beth Ditto was arrested early Tuesday morning in Portland after she allegedly got super wasted, walked into the middle of the street, blocked traffic and started to yell.

Portland PD were called to the scene and found Ditto, real name Mary Beth Patterson, “standing in the middle of the street with her arms extended from her sides like an airplane” according to Portland PD spokesman, Sgt. Pete Simpson.

A source told the Willamette Week, a bartender at the Bungalo Bar cut the singer off because she was completely drunk. Not feeling the fact that she was cut off, Ditto went outside, threw her shoes and purse and started to shout, “Obama! Obama!”

She was taken into custody after ignoring requests by officers who were trying to bring the singer off the street where she was blocking four cars. That’s where all the nuttiness ends because she was taken into custody without any incident and was booked on one count of disorderly conduct at nearby Multnomah County jail.

But all is good, she was released a short time later. Now she can continue her one man (woman?) cheer party for the president.