The Story So Far Members Confront Security Guard About Crowdsurfer


We all know that things can get crazy at concert, especially at festivals like Warped Tour, but what happens when the people that are there to help protect you are the ones causing the harm? That’s exactly what happened at yesterday’s tour stop in Montreal, Canada.

During The Story So Far’s set an audience member decided that it would be wise to crowd surf even though the Warped sign telling audience members to refrain was placed on the stage for all to read. Sadly, one of the security guards decided that it was wise of them to take the punishment further than they should have. In an acquired video, straight from someone in the audience, you can see around the 0:35 mark, a security grab the crowdsurfer and threw them on the ground.

The Story So Far members quickly jumped off the stage right in the middle of the song to fend off the security guard that had roughly manhandled the crowdsurfer. Things, of course, got crazy as the video shows a fight breaking out instantly after the band members jumped off the stage. Words were exchanged and it looks like those words were not “would you like a tea party” because a melee soon began. After the craziness died down, the kid was check out and asked if he was OK, before the band returned to their previously scheduled set.

The two video from the confrontation can be seen below.

Warped founder, Kevin Lyman took to Twitter this morning to confirm what had happened and that the security company that the guard worked for haf been contacted about what took place with video proof of what occurred.