Rage Against the Machine to reunite in 2020

Hold onto your wallets people, because it looks like Rage Against the Machine is getting back together for some reunion gigs.

On Friday (Nov. 1), rumors started to circulate after a post on Instagram under the band’s moniker went viral. According to the post, the group would be playing a total of five shows in 2020; El Paso on March 26, Las Cruce on March 28, Phoenix on March 30, and Indio, California, on April 10 and April 17.

As it has been pointed put by many publications and fans, the Indio dates just so happen to coincide with Coachella 2020, meaning that they will headline both weekends of the event.

Forbes’ contributor Steve Baltin spoke with Rage Against the Machine associate Wayne Kamemoto who pretty much confirmed that the post and the tour dates were legitimate.

“The band’s social media is accurate,” Kamemoto reportedly told Baltin.

Similarity, Consequence of Sound also obtained confirmation from “industry sources” who said that the posts and dates are correct.

Now, we’ve gotten official confirmation from the band themselves.

Since this all started out as a rumor and took place on an unverified Rage Against the Machine Instagram account, fans were quick to accept this announcement with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Rage Against the Machine reunion rumor had taken over the internet.

In an interesting and most likely related twist, Tom Morello posted the same exact image from the announcement on his official Instagram account earlier this week.

The five reunion shows will be the first time the group has performed together since their 2011 L.A. Rising Festival at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Brand New’s New Album Coming in 2016


With the announcement of a co-headlining tour, it’s only natural to assume that a new album will be making its way to fans of Brand New. Last summer, frontman Jesse Lacey had teased that there was in fact new music on the horizon, but that it wasn’t ready to be released yet. On Friday (Jan. 29), the rumors gave way to actual confirmation.

In an email sent out to those subscribed to their website, Procrastinate! confirmed the release of the new album. Set up like an information report, several new releases are listed in the “synopsis” area. In that area there are several references to Brand New and one specifically about their new album. The first says: “Brand New (band) have released cassette pressing of  9 ‘leaked’ demos from 2006. Available now for purchase.” This is a direct reference to the band’s release from back in December.

The second and third reference are about their recently announced tour dates; the first batch of tour dates in Canada while the second batch of dates are about their upcoming, co-headlining tour with Modest Mouse. Then, under the area labeled “Procrastinate! confirmed record releases for year 2016,” the last item is Brand New’s new record confirmation.

Check out the image of the email here.

Fans of the Long Island band have been eagerly awaiting the new album release for some time. We just hope that they aren’t disappointed if it ends up being another Daisy.

New Fall Out Boy Singles to Debut in January

As we continue our Fall Out Boy watch 2014 clear into the new year, the band have already announced they will be releasing two new single in early 2015.

In a post they uploaded onto Twitter a few days ago, they confirmed the first of the two new singles will be dropped on Jan. 5 while the second one is set to be released on Jan. 12. As of now, no titles for the two tracks have been revealed.

All this is part of their marketing strategy for the release of their new album, American Beauty/American Psycho due out on Jan. 20. As of now, they have released three songs from the album which includes, lead single “Centuries,” “American Beauty/ American Psycho,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and “Immortals” which according to the band will not be the same version they recorded for Disney’s Big Hero 6.

As well as the announcement of the new songs, the band also teased that some big announcement will be “coming soon.”

If we were beating people, we would put our money on them announcing a new tour, but we’re not, so we won’t.

The new year is already shaping to be a full one for Fall Out Boy. Frontman Patrick Stump is currently in the middle of playing judge on NBC’s a cappella competition show, The Sing Off and this coming Wednesday, they will be performing several songs on Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution.