Watch the Foo Fighters get dreamy in ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’

The Foo Fighters have just surprise their fans with some great news. On Wednesday (Aug. 23), the Seattle-founded band unleashed the music video for their latest single, “The Sky is a Neighborhood.” The music video, according to Rolling Stone, features frontman Dave Grohl’s two daughters 11-year-old Violet and eight-year-old Harper.

The video begins with both of the Grohl’s daughters sitting in a log cabin in front of a fire-place with what looks like an old story book in front of them. As they open the book, the shot shifts to the Foo Fighters set up in front of a backdrop that looks like they are in space. The video shifts between the band playing the new tune as they “bang on the ceiling” of the log cabin and the sisters hanging out, having pillow fights, and playing with items in the house. Watch the music video for “The Sky is a Neighborhood” above.

“The Sky is a Neighborhood” will join “Run” on the Foo Fighters’ upcoming new album Concrete and Gold. Concrete and Gold is set to be released on Sept. 15 and will reportedly feature a slew of guests including Sir Paul McCartney, Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman, and, according to Grohl, “the biggest pop star in the world.” When Grohl made the comment about enlisting the biggest pop star in the word, speculations began that it could be Adele or Taylor Swift. Grohl clarified that it would be neither of them and that said pop star has “been around a long time.”

Concrete and Gold will be the follow-up to the Foo Fighters’ 2014’s Sonic Highways.

Foo Fighters to release ‘Concrete & Gold’ in the fall

A few weeks after releasing the lead single from their at-the-time-still-untitled new record, the Foo Fighters have officially uncovered some new album information. On Tuesday (June 20), the Seattle-founded band confirmed the release of their ninth studio album. The new record will be titled Concrete & Gold and is set to be released on Sept. 15 through Roswell Records/ RCA Records.

The new album finds the band teaming up with producer Greg Kurstin whose portfolio includes artists like Sia, Pink, and Adele. While it may seem odd to see one of rock’s hardest working bands team up with a producer whose resume predominantly features pop stars with radio-friendly tunes, it was Kustin’s work with own band, The Bird & The Bee, that brought the Foos to his front door.

“It blew my mind, ‘Again and Again,'” frontman  Dave Grohl said in a press release about The Bird & The Bee’s song. “It was so much more sophisticated than anything I’d ever heard and I became obsessed.”

In the same release, Grohl also revealed how the group wanted to make the “biggest sounding” Foo Fighters album and having Kustin on board helped them reach that goal.

“I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever,” he said. “To make a gigantic rock record but with [producer] Greg Kurstin’s sense of melody and arrangement… Motorhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that.”

Prior to Concrete & Gold‘s confirmation, the Foos had already revealed three songs that will be on the 11-track album; “The Sky is a Neighborhood,” “La Dee Da,” and lead single, “Run.”

In support of the new album’s release, the group will spend the rest of the year touring internationally. Before hitting the European touring circuit, the guys will launch their own music festival named Cal Jam 17. Cal Jam 17 will take place n Oct. 7 in San Bernardino, California and will include performances by Queens of the Stone Age, Liam Gallagher, Japandroids, and many more. After that, they will head across the pond and make appearances at Glastonbury Festival, Sonic Summer Festival, Lollapalooza Berlin, and Rock the Beach.

Concrete & Gold is the highly anticipated follow-up to the group’s 2014 release, Sonic Highways. During their time away, they did release a surprise EP titled Saint Cecilia to hold fans over until the new album was completed. For now, the complete track listing can be seen below.


1. “T-Shirt”
2. “Run”
3. “Make it Right”
4. “The Sky is a Neighborhood”
5. “La Dee Da”
6. “Dirty Water”
7. “Arrows”
8. “Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)”
9. “Sunday Rain”
10. “The Line”
11. “Concrete and Gold”