If Music Festival Commercials Told the Truth…


The weather is getting warmer which is a sure-fire sign that music festival season has arrived. In no time, our timelines and newsfeeds will be plagued with photos (mostly selfies) of people at the numerous music festivals the world has to offer.

With Ultra Music Festival already over (took place in March) and Coachella already half way through, there are many more coming our way within the next couple of months. Where else can you drink silly, listen to goo music live and hang out with your long list of biffles?

At least, that’s what the commercials for the festivals have us believing.

The truth is, high-profiled music festivals are usually packed with “celebrities” and people dressed as fairies, the heat that makes you feel like you’re literally walking on the sun, overpriced food and drinks, porta-potties that make you wish you didn’t eat or drink those expensive items, and if you live in places where random thunderstorms are common (what’s up South Florida), you have that added dread of “is it going to pour today, or not?”

CollegeHumor who we all know for making parody of things that we love, have decided to make their own music festival commercial for their own music festival, Opapotamus. Since parodying something usually makes it a little more honest, you can tell that this commercial will touch on all those aforementioned issues that we encounter when we go to a festival.

Side note, we know that music festivals are not all bad. We have mostly good memories from the ones we’ve attended in the past.

Check out the “commercial” below.

Watch the Muppets ‘Unboringfy’ Life


The Super Bowls are just as much about the actual football game as it is for the half-time performances and of course the commercials. In the past we have seen fantastic commercials for beer, chips, headphones, you name it during one of football’s biggest night.

With only two weeks before Super Bowl XLVIII take over the television screens of millions of people, we have been given a slight sneak peek of just one of the many commercials that will air that night. This sneak peek features the Muppets, yes the Muppets.

The Muppets have joined forces with Brooklyn Nine Nine actor, Terry Crew where out favorite Muppet gang teach him to ‘unboringfy’ his lifestyle, all while borrowing his Toyota Highlander.

Take a guess what the commercial is for.

Anyways, check out the video below and whatever you do, don’t let Animal drive.

‘Orphan Black’ Animated Teaser Debuts


BBC America’s surprise hit, Orphan Black made quite a splash this year during its debut season and even gave us one of the most underrated actresses of the year, Tatiana Maslany.

With the year coming to a close, fans of the series were gifted with an animated teaser for the second season of the highly-anticipated second season. The official second trailer, according to officials, will air during the Doctor Who Christmas Special which will air on December 25 starting at 9 P.M. on BBC America.

The spot features Maslany doing a voiceover in the accent of all the characters that she portrays in the series (come on, when is she getting an award for this?!). Her characters’ face fade into one another through different colored test tubes where “Sarah’s” voice reveals that she is “part of a sisterhood like no other,” but even though they are, they are still “one of a kind.”

Check out the teaser below and don’t forget to check in during the commercial breaks of the Doctor Who special (if Doctor Who isn’t your cup of tea) to see the second trailer.

Orphan Black returns to BBC America on April 19 and welcome to the #cloneclub.

Lady Gaga Drops Snippet of New Song

Lady Gaga

Eminem isn’t the only one heading over to Dre to premiere a new song via one of his commercials for his popular headphones, Beats by Dre.

Following in the rapper’s footsteps, Lady Gaga premiered another one of her new song, “Do What U Want”, through the new commercial for the headphones and Best Buy. Last night, Mother Monster let her dear Little Monsters know that her new track which features R. Kelly, would be making its debut through the teaser and as you can guess, they all were beyond the moon. Sure enough, the video premiered and all those followers went to listen to snippet of the new song.

Last week, Gaga had revealed that she would be premiering a new song titled “Venus” when she asked her social media followers to guess which of her new track it would be. Finally, after much guessing, it was revealed that the song would officially debut on October 27.

Check out the 30 second clip below which features the newest addition to the Beats family.

“Do What U Want” is Gaga’s second song off ARTPOP to be featured in a nationwide commercial; her first single, “Applause” is currently featured on the new KIA Soul commercials. ARTPOP will be released on November 11 and we’re pretty sure her Little Monsters are counting down the days.

New Eminem Album Due Out in November


Why the world was still reeling (and probably will never get over) the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke combo that happened last night, Eminem did something that we probably should have expected, but still were surprised; he released a commercial for his much talked about new album.

The trailer might have been quick and to the point, letting fans of the rapper know that his Marshall Mathers LP follow-up, coincidental named, MMLP2 will be released on November 5.

Rick Rubin and Eminem’s always collaborator, Dr. Dre were announced as producers on the new album which comes as no surprise since a few months back, Dr. Dre revealed not only that the new LP would be released by year’s end, but that he was also working on it.

The ad made its presence in one of the many Beats by Dr. Dre commercials and most were wondering what the new song was; many were thinking it was a new Beastie Boys song, but we wrong at the end. An announcement then followed that the snippet of the Beastie Boys-esque song would actually be the rapper’s second single off the album, “Berzerk” which will drop on Tuesday, August 27.

“Berzerk” will be the second single off MMLP2 following last week’s release of “Survival” in the Call of Duty: Ghost trailer.

Beyoncé’s New Song ‘Leaks’


Beyoncé has shown no evidence of slowing down this year.

This year has been nothing but work for the pop star with her documentary, her Mrs Carter tour, her new deal with H&M and we can’t forget all the new music she has been releasing little by little. Today,we have received what we believe to be a studio version of a new song titled, “Standing in the Sun.”

The song first made its debut a few months back when it was featured on her commercial for H&M. This would be the second ‘new’ track that the singer has release through a commercial; the first was “Grown Woman” that was featured in her Pepsi commercial back in April.

While no comment, news, or release date has been given for the new song (just in case this is not the official studio version) let alone for a new album, fans can at least rest assure that she’s working on something since she added more tour dates for her current tour.

You can listen to the unofficially official studio version of “Standing in the Sun” below.