Foster the People Release ‘Coming of Age’ Video


After releasing “Coming of Age” as a lyric video at the beginning of 2014, Foster the People have released the official music video for the song.

The video features images of all the good and bad things that go on with being a teenagers. Things like running from the cops, sitting alone on the bleachers on a football field, smoking cigarettes in secret; just the normal teen angst that we all felt once upon a time ago (or even now) with moody lighting to match.

The eighties-esuqe music video can be seen here.

“Coming of Age” will be featured on Foster The People’s upcoming new album, Supermodel which is set to be released on March 14. According to frontman Mark Foster, this is the band’s most angry album to date. By the way, the band have only two albums.

Foster the People Release New Track and Album Info


About two weeks after announcing via Twitter that they would be releasing a new album early this year through a cryptic announcement video, Foster the People have officially revealed the lead single as well as the title of the upcoming, sophomore album.

The album will be titled Supermodel while the lead single off of it, which happens to be the same track that was in the cryptic announcement video is titled, “Coming of Age.” But giving us the name of the album as well as a track to satisfy us until the full album is released wasn’t enough; the band also announced that the album will be released on March 14 as well as the full track list for it.

“Coming of Age” can be heard here while the full track list for the upcoming record can be seen below that.


1. Are You What You Want To Be
2. Ask Yourself
3. Coming Of Age
4. Nevermind
5. Pseudologia Fantastica
6. The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones
7. Best Friend
8. A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon
9. Goats In Trees
10. The Truth
11. Fire Escape
12. Tabloid Super Junky