Watch: New ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer touches on Skrulls, teases the Avengers Initiative

A month after giving fans the second official trailer for the forthcoming “Captain Marvel” film, Disney has unleashed yet another new look at the upcoming flick. On Monday (Jan. 7), the House of Mouse released a new “special look” at the highly anticipated new movie during Monday’s college football National Championship on ESPN.

The minute-and-a-half clip begins with Nick Fury telling Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel that grunge is a good look for her prompting her to respond just as sarcastically by asking if he had a rough day at work. As their conversation in a deserted bar picks up, Fury asks Carol for more information about this supposed space invasion. She answers by telling him a bit about the Skrulls and how they are shapeshifters just like the old lady she knocked out in the first look we got back in September.

Fury, a little (or very) apprehensive, asks Carol to prove that she’s not a Skrull. Of course that results in the poor unsuspecting record player getting blown up thanks to her photon blast. The new teaser also gives Jude Law’s character a bigger presence in the clip, even though it’s just him training Carol to be a Kree warrior. While Disney and Marvel have yet to confirm the identity of Law’s character, fans have been speculating for some time that he will play Captain Mar-Vell. At one point there was confirmation, but Disney withdrew it quickly after.

If that wasn’t enough information in a one-minute time span, then there might be an Avengers Initiative Easter egg lurking around the one-minute mark. Young Phil Coulson is briefly shown with his voice asking Fury “You think you can find others?” Fury responds with “She’s just the beginning.”

Watch the full trailer above.

“Captain Marvel” flies into theaters on March 8, 2019. Tickets are currently available on Fandango.

Watch: Captain Marvel takes flight in new trailer

Remember in September when there was a slight uproar when the first Captain Marvel trailer landed and we saw our hero punch a smirking old lady in the face? Fans were quick to defend the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by saying that the old lady was a Skrull in disguise. Well, now those naysayers need to eat some crow because the hardcore fans were definitely onto something.

On Monday (Dec. 3), the long-awaited second trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel debuted during Monday Night Football. The almost-two-and-a-half-minute clip includes some previously seen footage from the upcoming film, like the old lady getting punched, while also giving viewers a better look at Carol Danvers’ backstory.

We get to see how she was recruited by the Kree (she was “saved”), her past life as an Air Force pilot, a conversation between her and Fury about the Skrulls (“So Skrulls are the bad guys?”) and Kree (“noble warrior heroes”), and Fury freaking out when he meets Danvers’ cat Goose (speculations have started that Goose is the reason Fury loses his eye).

But none of that prepares you for the moment when Danvers tells the Skrulls, “I’m not going to fight your war. I’m going to end it.” Cue the chills down your spine.

Watch the latest trailer for Captain Marvel above.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019.

First Sneak Peek at Upcoming ‘Peanuts’ Film


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the Peanuts song playing in your hear because today, the first trailer for FOX Family Entertainment’s upcoming Peanuts film was just released.

Though the trailer just features everybody’s favorite sad little boy, Charlie Brown and his mischievous and super cool Beagle, Snoopy, the less than a minute clip is something to get life long fans excited about it.

The film, of course, is based on the iconic comic strip from Charles Schulz and marks the first time the strip has been given the CGI treatment. This won’t be the first time though that Charlie Brown and his friend have taken to the screen because some of the most iconic and traditional holiday special come courtesy of the Peanuts gang.

Peanuts is scheduled to hit theater on November 6, 2015, coincidentally 2015 will also mark the 65th anniversary of the comic strip’s launch and the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Time to do the Snoopy dance.

Elton John to Make Cameo in Fight Scene?

Sir Elton John

We knew that Elton John is a hell of a music man and a pretty good behind the scenes guy for films as well (he was the executive producer on Gnomeo and Juliet), but did you know that he could might be able to do fight scenes?

Yes, I know color shocked too.

Turns out that the “Rocket Man” will be making a cameo appearance which will feature him a huge fight scene. The movie, The Secret Service, will star Colin Firth, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Caine and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn. According to reports, John isn’t the only star that will be making a cameo in the film; the director is reportedly lining up a number of big name to help boost the film’s box office numbers (but with the price of movie tickets recently).

“The Secret Service is going to be a big British movie so Matthew wants to include some iconic British stars,” a source told The Sun about the film. “He wants to turn the films into a franchise, so getting big names on board will help boost its profile. Seeing Elton fighting will be movie gold. He’s a great addition.”

John isn’t the only one being persuaded as of right now; it seems that Star Wars’ Mark Hamill and director Ridley Scott are also sought after.

This might come as some good news from John’s cam because the singer had to cancel all his summer tour dates, including a massive concert in London’s Hyde Park, after being diagnosed with appendicitis.

As for The Secret Service, there has been no details given about the film other than the actors who are rumored to be in it (all according to our favorite movie site, IMDB) and is an adaptation of Kick Ass author Mark Millar’s comic book of the same name.